Friday, May 8, 2015

Sydney's 6th grade Talent Show Performance.

Sydney and her friends, Naomi and Skylar decided to try out for the middle school talent show and do a dance routine. They came up with the whole routine themselves, got some cute outfits and did great at their performance.

Here's what they came up with:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project 12: December 2013

Finishing off the year with a bang and a busy month.


Left Side:

Right Side:

December Highlights:

Chorley turned 2!!! She had a Millie from Team Umizoomi birthday party. Grandparents came over, we had pizza and cake and ice cream.
Our yearly family picture that went on our Christmas photo card.
New Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve.
Hanging out with the Piercy cousins.
Going out to El Paso with grandma and grandpa Hatter and the Piercys.
We also went to the nativity creche display at the church, saw the Christmas lights in Torrance, Chorley was sick for the last week, and no sports for the month.

Project 12: November 2013

November was a fun and really busy month, so this is what we were up to...

Left side:

Right Side:

Month Highlights:

Jeremy and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary and went to Hawaii. We went to Oahu, HI and had an amazing time. Katelin stayed with the kids.
Austin finished his fall ball season of baseball.
Sydney finished her season of soccer on the "Field Fighters" team. I was the team mom.
Chorley did mom and me gymnastics class once and week and really grew to love it.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Project 12: October 2013

Here's what we were up to in October:

Left side:
Right side:

October highlights:

Jeremy and I went on two date nights, one to the Depche Mode concert and also to the Simpsone premiere
Austin played fall baseball for the Scrappers
Sydney played soccer for the Field Fighters
Austin got to hand out awards for our ward at scouts
We went to a pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins
Boston Red Sox won the World Series, and Austin had us watch all the games
Halloween- Austin was the Grim Reaper, Sydney was a Day of the Dead girl, Chorley was an owl

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Project 12: September 2013

Here's what we were up to in September, I took tons of photos in the beginning of the month and then fizzled out by the end of the month.. opps...

Left side:
Right side:
Month Highlights:
Austin turned 12 at the end of August and got the Priesthood on Sept 1
We had a special day for him, with lots of relatives visiting- grandparents, uncles and aunt Katelin
Sydney and I went on a mom and daughter over night for a grand opening I worked at
Sydney played soccer, and Austin in baseball
Chorley is 21 months old

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Project 12: August 2013

Here's what we were up to in August. We were actually pretty busy. It was actually kinda hard narrowing down the photos because I took a ton of photos.

Left side:
Right Side:

Month Highlights:
I got to go up and visit Katelin in Utah, just sisters hanging out
Susan's wedding in Atascadero
Mine and Alise's bdays were actually on the wedding day, so we got to hang out
Seeing the Jessops and having a yummy breakfast in SLO
going boating with Alise, her kids, Jennette, Uncle Dave, and some of Brent's kids
Austin (7th grade) and Sydney (5th grade) first day of school
Austin's 12 birthday
Jeremy's birthday

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Project 12: July 2013

Here's what we were up to, mainly being in the water... and swimming... swim lessons... and keeping cool in the backyard..
I used Echo Park's Summer line for the 2 page spread.
Left side:
 Right Side:
4th of July- BBQ at the Robinson and swimming
Fireworks show at Simi Valley, though there ended up not being a fireworks show due to the misfiring of the fireworks and many people getting injured
Swim lessons for Austin & Sydney
Sydney went to soccer came for a week
Swimming & staying cool in the backyard