Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Fun

Well since, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I just love everything that goes along with the day. One of my favorite things to do is to carve pumpkins, to try and figure out what were going to do, the plan on shaping and cutting ever so perfectly, and then hoping it comes out right and you don't cut a bit too far and then everything collapses.. So tonight, we have the big pumpkin carving session. Each of the kids knew what they wanted, I decided on mine, and of course, Jeremy that master, couldn't decide what to do.. and as always, it turns out amazing. Well I think they all just ROCK and they are out sitting on the porch with candles in them, and not much else to do, but sleep, dress up tomorrow, and out for some trick or treating.. I can't wait.. for the candy... I mean, for the kids to get some candy, from trick or treating.. I'm sure we'll check it and make sure it's ok first...

Sydney's: Hello Kitty Austin's: Ghost Wendy's: skull girl (austin bumped me in the middle of cutting out my bow- we're not talking about it...)
Jeremys: mirror from Snow White
Family of Pumpkins:

Red Ribbon Week

This week at school is Red Ribbon week for the kids, yesterday was backwards day, so they wore their shirts on backwards and I didn't get a photos.. ACK!! they thought it was the coolest thing ever to do. Today is wear all your red, so they each picked out their own RED outfits, and they looked super cute. I really love the fun red ribbons in Syd's hair...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Pjs...

Well, it's been awhile and we haven't gotten the kids new pjs, since the Easter Bunny came, and it's been a bit chilly at night.. so the kids got some new fun pjs. I can't believe how big they are.. and I had to buy them each a size up.. well we have some tall kid.. I wonder why?? LOL (think Jeremy.. hint hint) anyways, just wanted to grab a couple of fun photos, but the kids were in a very silly mood, as you can see... I guess Austin learned about bunny ears, so I can see what kind of photos I will be having from now on. Sydney, well she just like to pose- what's new??

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kindergarten Field Trip

Well today I helped chaperon at Sydney's kindergarten field trip.. I even rode the bus, and we sat in the very back ( I have decided I'm not really a bus gal) as we went to the Monte Bean Museum. When we got there, we went down and saw an animal show which was pretty interesting and with 6 kindergarten classes in there, the kids were really good for the show. They all got to touch this huge lizard on the way out, Sydney thought it was really cool. Then we just walked around the museum, I have never been there before, so I had fun checking the place out, and it's really quite big. I think we are going to have to go there again for-sure. Saw lots and lots of fun animals, some were really interesting.. I have to say the Liger and the Butterfly wall were my favorite features. By the last five minutes, the kids were begging to sit down, so we found a bench and they just crashed. So, took the bus back to school and then they were out for the day... Sydney and I took a little girlfriend lunch together at Stars, so we had fun and then just checked out Costco and see what they had new there.. I am proud to say that I have already started my Christmas shopping... so I am super excited about that, my goal is by Thanksgiving to be finished.. woo hoo.... Notice in Sydney's pictures how loose that one bottom tooth is.. I wish it would just come out...

Me & Syd: (taken by me- still not sure if I see much of me in her)
Liger- my excitement for the day.. Napoleon that is flippin SWEET:
Syd with the Liger: Syd and the beautiful buttefly:
Upclose of the butterfly- talk about amazing:
The 3 girls in my group:
Sydney with the cute zebra:
By the end, the 3 girls were VERY tired:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have your seen this guy???

When I saw this I almost couldn't believe my eyes... does this guy look familiar or what??? even the kids were like, look at daddy on the boat... Well this poster, was hanging up in Zumiez in Park City right when you walked in, so I HAD to grab a photo of it... I mean, that really DOES look like Jeremy... Apparently this guy is a pro snowboarder.. does Jeremy have a hidden talent I don't know about?? gotta love it...

The Moose is Loose in da Hooose....

Well for the weekend, I took the kids, and Katelin too for a little mini overnight trip up to Park City, and it was just gorgeous!!! the weather was perfect and the leaves were changing, and a very fall feeling in the air... We had some yummy eating, and then hit the outlets on Saturday. I got the kids the last of their winter clothes and had a 15% off card all day for Gap and Old Navy, so that made me happy. Before we headed home, we stopped at Burger King, and the wonderful auntie that Katelin is, she taught the kids the King Burger slogan from Bon Qui Qui.. but I have to say I LOVE that skit. way too funny.. but it was soo nice, this fall break and glad to have a break from work, and be able to hang out with the kids.

Lunch at King Burger.. I mean Burger King (LOL):
Skiing with the moose:

Austin's new pal:

Austin having playtime at the playground:

Syd.. snuggling in the bed...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Scarecrow Festival

For fun Friday, we went to the scarecrow festival at Thanksgiving point. The weather was really nice, so it made for a good time. There were tons of games for the kids, and of course they had to play every single one... The kids also wanted to walk through the haunted house, which was very kid friendly and they really enjoyed being kinda scared.. Syd held my hand, but Austin was very brave and walked alone. The kids hit all the jumpers, esp the big shark one... and had to hit the train ride, of course, too. The kids both got their faces painted, Sydney was very excited and loved every moment of feeling like a pretty princess. This was Austin's first year getting face paint and loved his black widow spider with web... Then since my dad was heading out, had to pick up some Cafe Rio.. it's been awhile since I had some, but that pork salad is sooo yummy...

Austin, king of archery:
Sydney, the shuffleboard queen:
Austin's black widow spider web:

Sydney's pretty princess facepaint:
The Train Ride, a fave:
Kids w/ grandpa:

Scarecrow photo:

Cousin Playtime W/ Grandpa

Well with fall break here and my dad leaving out, all the cousins got together for a fun day of playtime with Grandpa... they had a great time, playing outside, watching the new fence go up, and eating lunch.. Of course we had to get a group photo of them. I can't believe how big they are all getting.. seems like not too long ago, we could barely get them to hold still for a couple of seconds and sit by each other... so now we get much better photos that turn out... though they really like making silly faces.

Scarecrow Baby

Well as all the kindergartners do, Sydney made her scarecrow baby.. She even had a name for her too, Isabelle. Syd carried her around the house all day and made sure her baby was well taken care of. I couldn't find the really small baby clothes, so her baby turned out fairly good sized too. I wasn't able to go to class, but my dad, grandpa to Syd, went to her school and helped her make the scarecrow. The two had lots of fun together and I think we have a new member of the family now.. She is soo excited for her "scarecrow" baby.

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We just love this pumpkin patch that we go to every year.. They have the best pumpkins and the kids love pulling around the wagons to collect their pumpkins. We each picked out a pumpkin, one for dad too, and got some hay bales, corn stalks and baby pumpkins to decorate with. The kids were sooo excited, practically picking up every pumpkin and trying to throw it in the wagon to take home.. Austin managed to get 1 or 2 extra pumpkins in the wagon, and they were not the pretty, attractive ones... what was he thinking?? ACK!! stuck with them now. But we decorated our porch and finally put up most of the Halloween decorations outside, which made the kids very happy. So now I'm feeling more in the Halloween/ Fall spirit of things.

My 2 Lil Pumpkins:
Austin, the offtime London policeman:

"Sweet" girl Sydney:
Such a cool pumpkin, just had to take a photo:

Katelin's Birthday

Well Katelin made it to the big 1-9!!! that's right, she's a little old lady now... My dad and Kristine and Ryder came down and picked up Kate at her apt and then we headed over to a super YUMMY lunch, Olive Garden, one of my all time faves. We had a great waitress, but I hate it when I give my camera to someone to take the photo and doesn't quite turn out as well as I like, oh well, at least we got a photo. I sat by my handsome lil nephew Ryder, who is just a stinkin cutie.. We got them to sing to Katelin and bring out this delicious cake.. sooo good.. It was great to get together and hang out a bit, and I even got to leave work a bit early, that is nice too...

Kate & her cake:
All of out for lunch:
Kristine, Me, Katelin:

10/10 Fun Friday

Last Friday for Fun Friday, we went to the Dinosaur Museum with grandpa too.. We had a great time, practically no one was there, so it was very relaxing. Almost too relaxing, since my dad and I almost fell asleep while the kids were playing.. The kids loved seeing all the dinos, and esp playing in the water/sand area. Austin's fave place is to go digging for dinos to see what he can find. It was sooo cold outside, and just horrible yucky weather. But we were inside, and having lots of fun. We even picked up some Panda on the way home.. fresh orange chicken, YUM...

Sydney playing:
Austin: his fave part of the museum, digging for dinos
the kids playing together, building a dam: