Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 107: The Car

Sometimes I kinda feel like we live out of the car, esp with so many sports and things going on. So here is what HAS to stay in the car at all times: the stroller for Chorley, sweatshirts for everyone in case it's cold, chairs for softball games or to watch sports, the diaper bag, usually the kids sports bag, a blanket is case it's kinda chilly, first aid kit in case of emergencies, plastic bags for whatever comes up, and usually a water bottle or two, in case someone's hungry. Seems like our car always seems to be pretty packed.

Day 107: Chorley
Age: 129 days old

Day 106: Freeway Time

Well today the kids and us got to do something that we will probably NEVER do again. Walk around on a VERY busy 405 Los Angeles freeway. On the drive home there was an accident, sadly it was just less than a mile ahead of us and must of just happened. We were parked for over 30 minutes, maybe even 45 minutes on the freeway, which means several people probably got hurt and that is not fun. Lots of other people were getting out of their cars, walking around, taking pictures, and some people even got our chairs and had a drink. The kids thought it was pretty neat to get out, so we had to get a picture of it.

Day 106: Chorley
Age: 128 days old

Day 105: downtown LA

Downtown LA... sometimes it's really smoggy out, sometimes it's foggy and overcast. But every now and again you get a realllly clear day and it's just gorgeous. There are some pretty cool building downtown, it's be fun to take a camera down there and take some cool shots. I took this one while we were driving through downtown up to Fresno and loved how the sky and clouds looked. Sometimes downtown does look pretty cool.

Day 105: Chorley
Age: 127 days old

Day 104: The Aquarium

Well talk about a rainy last day of the week for Spring Break. It started raining and didn't stop almost all day. Not just a little rain, like crazy non stop rain that you don't want to go out in. Luckily it finally let us in the later afternoon, so I took the boys to the Cabrillo Aquarium. They had a blast, and really enjoyed all the cool sea life creatures. This was a pretty cool picture of them getting caught in the shark's mouth. I guess they didn't listen when I said leave the shark alone... :)

Day 104: Chorley
Age: 126 Days Old

Day 103: Cousin Swap

Since the kids are getting a bit older, we decided to do a cousin swap since it was Spring Break week and had some time off. We got the older boys, Austin, Bailey and Jordan, plus lil Ms Chorley. And then the Jessops has Sydney go with Ryder and Lincoln up to their house for a couple of days. The kids LOVED it. I took the boys up to Jeremy's work and we went out to a favorite Chinese place, called Frontier Wok for lunch, and they got to check out where the Simpsons are made. They played outside quite a bit and we went to In N Out Burgers for dinner, which they thought was extra cool. All the boys slept in one room, so I'm not all sure how much slept they actually got...

Day 103: Chorley
Age: 125 days old

Day 102: Family Hang out

Tonight we all got together again for dinner at my parents. The Robinson, The Jessops, and the Ashtons. Look at all these cousins together!!! We were missing the Piercy kids (which add 4 more to the total). It's lots of fun to get them all together and kinda a little noisy and chaotic too, but I think that's half the fun of it.Bailey is the oldest at 11 and Austin isn't too far behind, and Chorley is the most recent addition at 4 months and Lincoln is just a bit older at 7 months.

Day 102: Chorley
Age: 124 days old

Day 101: 4 Months Check Up

Someone is at their 4 month old check up... Yup, Chorley just turned 4 months old and is getting bigger. She now weighs 15 lbs 4 oz (82% range) and is 25 3/4 inches long (93% range) and is super healthy. She is growing and thriving and definitely discovering her hands and sucking on them. I feel sooo blessed to have such a wonderful, cute, healthy baby who bring sooo much happiness to our family.

Day 101: Chorley
Age: 123 days old

Day 100: Cousin Time

Well some kiddos has a great time being together!!! yup, the cousins. It's hard when you get used to living just 10 minutes away from each other, to over 4 hours away. The kids were soooo excited to play with each other and hang out together. I know they have really missed their cousins.

Day 100: Chorley
Age: 122 days old

Day 99: Easter

Today Was Easter and we got some great family photos. We actually got one of all our us, courtesy of our neighbor who was out and about at just the right time. I was VERY glad, since we don't have many of all of use together yet. We all pretty much matched, though Jeremy had already taken off his matching bow tie, it was nice to have everyone look kinda "matchey" for church. Sydney's skirt, Chorley's dress, and Austin and Jeremy's bowties, were all from the lovely sewing of Kristine!! We also had everyone over for Easter dinner at the house, The Jessops, The Ashtons, grandma and grandpa Hatter. There was a big Easter egg hunt for the kids, which they loved and I made some tasty new desserts too.

Day 99: Chorley (First Easter)
Age: 121 days old

Day 98: Game Day

Today, I seriously SLACKED!!! I didn't take a picture, I had to rely on the photos of someone else. This is my first slip up of missing a day.. bad me.. Oh well, I got this great photo of Sydney at her softball game, being "softball ready". She hit an RBI today that lead her team to winning. Also Austin helped make a double play in his game, by catching a fly ball and then tagging 1st base, since the runner took off. Both kids made great hits and did great, I'm sooo proud to watch them at their games too.

Day 98: Chorley- 4 months
Age: 120 days old

Day 97: Mom's Birthday

Today was my mom's birthday and we got to go out to a lovely lunch, and Kim came since she was in town too. It was great having a girlie lunch out, we went and all had yummy salads and of course some great conversation.. Later that night we went out to El Paso for dinner, and the Jessops made it down just in time to meet up, and celebrated with some cake for dessert...

Day 97: Chorley
Age: 119 days old

Day 96: Science Fair

Well it was finally time for the Science Fair that Austin has worked sooo hard on. Here he is standing with the completed science experiment board. Notice the scrappy thickers, I couldn't resister using some scrappy products on his presentation. I mean, how could we not?? lol. He was super proud of it, and I was sooo proud of the hard work and great job he did on it.. way to go lil buddy.

Day 96: Chorley
Age: 118 days old

Day 95: Fancy Hair

Day 95: Today Sydney had Activity Days and they did hair. She came him with this amazing hairstyle and made her look sooo grown up!!! I had to take a picture of it, so hopefully I can try it again and maybe one day even on myself.

Day 95: Chorley
Age: 117 days old

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 94: Tuesday Folder

Tuesday Folders... One thing that Austin brings home every Tuesday is.. the Tuesday Folder. This is a review of his work in class, test scores, and notes that come home from school each week. Each week he always has a vocabulary test, a spelling test, a monthly oral presentation and then misc math, science and other tests. Some weeks its great to see what he's been achieving, some weeks, well not so great, and there's room for improvement and some studying.

Day 94: Chorley
Age: 116 days old

Day 93: Holding Objects

Another fun milestone is that Chorley is starting to grab objects, hold them, and then straight to the mouth. It's fun to see what she decides to grab and start chomping on. Looks like we are going to have to pull out some of the old baby toys, get them cleaned off and back into play mode for this little explorer.

Day 93: Chorley (sleepy baby)
Age: 115 days old

Day 92: Bubble-A-Loaf and Conference Bingo

Well it was general conference Sunday, and we have a couple of fun traditions at our house. One is conference bingo. I print off some conference bingo cards for the kids to play along with and usually they have a fun treat, like M&Ms or some kind of candy to help them listen, a "great" incentive. Next, is bubble-a-loaf. YUM!!! This is one of my all time fave breakfast treats, and conference is the perfect Sunday to make it. The kids, Jeremy and I all look forward to some yummy delights. My favorite talk of the day was from President Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf and esp the phrase " Stop It" such a great talk!!!!

Day 92: Chorley
Age: 114 days old

Day 91: Walrus

Since one of our favorite things to do is eat some sushi as a family, the kids have learned how to eat with chopsticks. Well sometimes while we are waiting, they like to also "play" with their chopsticks. This is how clever Sydney is with her chopsticks while we are waiting for some sushi.
One thing that I LOVE about being back in California is getting to eat outside when we go out to eat. It's sooo nice to be able to eat in the outdoor, sunny weather and not freeze. I love this!!!

Day 91: Chorley (this is her cute little smiley self, how she wakes up each morning)
Age: 113 days old

Day 90: Shirely Temple Boy

One thing that Austin LOVES to order from El Paso is a Shirley Temple to drink. He thinks they are pretty cool. Well the other night when we went out to eat with my parents, they brought his drink with the cherries on the side. Wow. This was even more super cool to him. Though he found some pretty clever ways to play with the cherries first, before he actually ate them... funny kid.

Day 90: Chorley
Age: 112 days old

Day 89: Who Knew???

This week I have been working on getting all our tax information gathered for out tax appointments, and I came across something that I pretty much have been carrying around in my purse for months.. Like since we've moved from Utah. It was my doctor's records that I needed to give to my new Ob Gyn Dr when we moved here. I gave them the CD and they just burned the info into their systems and gave me back the CD. A couple of times I thought of looking at it, but never did. Well I put it in today and noticed that the gender was given on the CD of Chorley, but then said **patient does NOT want to know**. So all this time, we had access to the gender of Chorley. But I really like that we didn't find out and waited till she was born.

Day 89: Chorley
Age: 111 days old

Day 88: Our Calender

One thing that keeps me straight of what's what for activities is the calender. I don't know what I would do without one. I also have been keeping my phone calender just as up to date with all the activities so I have a daily reminder with me. Today Wednesday was the busiest day, with overlapping activities and too much to get done in one day. Yup, one of those days. Rarely do we have days with no much one it, though Friday's are usually pretty clear.

Day 88: Chorley
Age: 110 days old

Day 87: Snoopy?

Snoopy? Well almost. She is a beagle, and one thing that she has started doing and loves to do, is sit on top of the BBQ with the cover on and just hang out, take a nap, or look around and check things out. She's kinda like our own little Snoopy.

Day 87: Chorley
Age: 109 days old

Day 86: Finding Herself

One thing that Chorley has started to do, is find herself through mirrors. She loves to look at herself, even though she doesn't know it's her, and smile and laugh. It's a fun way to keep her entertained and we even put a mirror facing her in the car. It's super cute to see what she is learning.

Day 86: Chorley
Age: 108 days old