Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sydney's Dance Recital

Here is one of her dance recital performances.. I loved how the girls outfits all looked on stage.. She did amazing... My lil dancer...

Sydney's Winter Dance Recital 2010

This past weekend was Sydney's dance recital. I was in LOVE with their outfits and she looked soooo adorable in it. It needed to be altered a bit, so thanks to Kristine and her sewing expertise and DownEast for an undershirt.. I also made her headband to go along with her outfit. They were each given a piece of fabric that matched and could put it in their hair however they wanted to, so I got some tulle, some glittery fabric, felt and a headband. I used some of the pink to make it pop and then used the rest of it to tie in the back of her ponytail.

Sydney has realllly done well this year in dance, she moved up a level to the older girl's class and it she was super excited to learn harder songs and did great. She LOVES to perform and her recital is one of her FAVE things. She loved to get all dressed up and put on a bit of lipstick. She had one jazz number which was to "What I Like About you" and she really enjoyed learning that dance. Then her tap song was to " Its Beginning to looks Alot like Christmas". She did amazing on both...This first picture is my favorite. She is really growing up.

check her out:
Getting Ready to go on:
Sydney in front of the Christmas tree:
Austin a proud big brother:
Proud mom and dad with their lil dancer:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family Pics 2010

Well we finally got around to taking some new and much needed family pictures. We had been having some overcast and cloudy weather, so we were waiting for some nice sun to get out, and take some pics. I LOVE that time of day, as the sun is kinda coming down at the end of the day and gives a warm glow over the Earth. I also love how the lighting comes out in the photos too. It seems to fade pretty quick so you need to take quick photos. Here are some of the pictures that we took and I think they turned out pretty good. The kids wanted Lily to be in some pics, but she was more interested in exploring, but I got a couple...The kids and Lily:

Pics of Austin and Sydney:

Our lil Lily:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 29 & 30: Thankful

Day 30 I am:
Thankful for taking the time this month to count my blessings.

Day 29 I am:
Thankful for my job that allows me to be flexible and be home with the kids enough
Thankful for having all that we do, and not having to think where our next meal will come from
Thankful for enjoying to exercise.