Friday, March 5, 2010

Sydney's Dr Seuss Program

Last week was Sydney's Dr Seuss school program that all the first graders were in. Each child got to wear their fave pjs, wear a cute Dr Seuss hat they made and sign lots of songs about reading, word tricks and spelling. Sydney was right in the middle and even got to be one of the characters in the mock wedding that they did. She sang all the words, nice and loud and loved being up on the stage. She really does enjoy being in the spotlight and show off that toothless smile that she is now sporting.

Look at those missing teeth.. the top two and the bottom two.. she lost 3 in about a week.

Kolob Canyon

Since we were already down in St George, we wanted something to at least do or see while we were there. So we went to Kolob Canyons, somewhere we had never been before and took the drive around the canyons to check it out. The sun was out shining and totally gorgeous, and really gave for some nice pictures, against all the red rocks and blue skies, and white snow. It just seemed to make all the photos really pop and the mountains jump out at ya. It's a pretty short drive around the canyons, which was perfect since we didn't have much time. At the top lookout point, there was quite a bit of snow. Craig and Eric came on the drive behind us. Of course it didn't take long before there was a snowball fight going on. Yup, esp Austin he jumped in on it with the big boys and was having a blast.

Sydney shivering: Austin, caught in the snow, it was pretty deep
Eric, Jeremy and Craig in a snowball fight

Saying Goodbye to a Loved One

Sadly we got the word this past week that Jeremy's grandma Weight has passed away. It's always hard, esp with a grandparent. You kind just think they are going to be around forever and with you always. She had been really sick for a long time, and the last couple of years struggling with health even more. But she was very extremely strong in the gospel and had a great testimony of the Savior, and so we know where she is. We went down for the funeral in St George this past Wednesday and then went to the gravesite dedication on Thursday up in Springville. It was nice for us to see lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and their children, and get to visit with so much family.

the 4 Sons:
All the Robinson Boyz:
Our Family:

Sydney and Austin:
The Robinson Family:
The Pallbearers:
Saying Goodbye:
Seeing Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins:
Jeremy and I with Grandpa Weight:

Austin's Basketball Season

This year basketball was alot harder for Austin, since they had the 3rd and 4th graders play together for the teams. The games were a lot quicker, a bit more interesting, and even some rough playing. I quite enjoyed it. So Austin was one of the younger kids in the league, luckily he had a good neighbor friend on his team too. Austin is great at defence and blocking his man, his height always seems to be on his side. He also learned that the kids are alot more aggressive the older they get and so it wasn't as easy this year.. It was lots of fun to watch him at the games.

Austin and his medal:
This was the perfect shot Austin was taking and the ref jumped right in front as the camera went off:
Taking some shots:
Practicing before the game: Nice shot buddy:

Sydney's Basketball Season

This year I asked Sydney if she wanted to play basketball, and she was really excited to play this season. Last season, in the first game, the ball hit right on her face and she was shy for the rest of the season. This year was a whole new Sydney playing out on the court. She got the idea of the game, defense, dribbling down the court to make shots, and also taking the ball away from the other team. Each game she averaged between 2-4 baskets per game. She was really fierce on the court and has that competitive edge that makes her fast. Also doesn't hurt, that she is quite a bit taller than alot of the other kids.. She was sooo much fun to watch.
Sydney and her medal:
Taking a shot in the game:
Check out this dribbler:
Practicing her shot:
This is actually Sydney's shot, she is on the right side of the photo and has the yellow wristband.. and YUP she made the shot: