Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Soccer Coach X's 2..

So this year I got a bit more than I bargained for. I was originally going to coach one of the kids soccer teams, so I was totally pumped and excited for that.. Well there was a mix up with the kids on the teams, so LONG story short, I ended up being Coach Mom for BOTH of the kids soccer teams.. But since I love soccer and getting out there, I couldn't resist.. Sure it's made a long almost 8 weeks of games and an extra week for practices and a team meeting, but I wouldn't change it for the world. It's sooo rewarding to watch the kids get out there and play hard, watch them grow and progress. Fun to watch them play together as a team and make friends, but also sooo fun to watch them enjoy being out on the field and completely being happy just enjoying the game of soccer. Both kids have scored one goal each this season and am soo very proud of them, I get tears every time they did or a great play.. We still have one more week of games coming up. I love being able to spend this special time with them and hope I will get to coach a few more years ahead too.



Sunday, September 21, 2008

Locks of Love

Well, if you've seen Sydney's LONG hair, you will know how gorgeous it is!!!! and has grown really long lately.. But has also been alot of work for mom to do too. I don't mind putting it up, and braids, and all that fun girlie stuff, but the tangles have been alot to deal with lately. So we have been talking about when she would cut it that she would donate it to Locks of Love. She knows that her hair will go to kids, who don't have hair and it will make wigs for them. Well, lately will all the tangles, we talked about doing it sooner than later. This week I was going to be getting my hair done, along with my sis, Katelin too. So I asked her earlier in the week if she wanted her hair cut for locks of love and she said yes. Just to make sure, I asked her SEVERAL times the next few days and she insisted yes, and was soo excited. So Friday, we went to the hair appointment, and she took the big plunge. She had more than enough and plenty to spare for a cute haircut, I was worried about that too, we didn't want TOO short. She loved the special chair to get your hair washed, then got ready for the big cut. Shelli was great and explained it all to her. After the big cut and styling, Shelli started blow drying her hair, and Sydney got VERY serious and I was really nervous that she would freak out.. But she didn't she smiled soo big when she saw her new haircut!!!She got a super cute a-line bob cut, and she looks not only soo stinkin cute, but sooo grown up. I am soo proud of her and so happy for her choice to donate her hair also. What a big day.


Yard Sale

Well, we did our yard sale.. I thought I would get everything out and ready early, esp since you always have people show up before you really "open." And about 20 minutes after I was all set up, what happens?? BIG, huge cloud burst.. not little drizzle drops, the big huge fat ones!!! All the clothes got soaked, and a few other things, but luckily nothing was totally damaged.. that lasted about 20 minutes or so, and only rained a little later one. But all in all, got rid of lots of stuff, which I was excited about, plus just making the open space in the house, was nice. So I'm glad we will have some fund money to last us awhile for Fun Fridays coming up...
I have to say, that Sydney is quite the little sales lady!!! She knows what she wants. Well, two other houses on the street were also having yard sales, and one of them had a BIG doll house. So Sydney went over, found out how much it was, and asked if she could go and buy it. I said no, you already have one, you don't need two. So, she goes in the house, brings out her's, sells it for the same price, so that she can buy the big one... did she sell it? YUP, you bet... so she made out with a steal, and upgraded her doll house, and is sooo excited!!! You should have seen the smile on her face.. Poor Austin, didn't sell his dinosaur castle.. poor buddy, all the boys that came played with it, but I think the moms didn't want it... kinda funny. So it was a good day.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well we have been getting ready for the big yard sale that we will be having this weekend and I can't wait.. not only to be getting rid of some things, but to de junk a bit and clean up, I love that feeling.. and would love to just make some extra fun money in the process.. All the money we will get will be going to Fun Fridays, something new and fun that we will be doing with the kids if they are good through the week.. so we'll see how it goes.

Princess Leia

One of Sydney's favorite hairstyles is Princess Leia hair.. She loves all different hairstyles, and fixing up her hair, and adding fun clips... but tonight she specially requested Princess Leia hair. I just had to take a picture, cuz she looks sooo stinkin cute with it!!! We're going to work on growing out her bangs, which is going to be a looooong process, but she's willing to give it a go, just means LOTS of clips in the mean time...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 Cool Kids..

that's right, for being such little kids, they also happen to be pretty dang cool for their ages.. The other day, they found our sunglasses and decided to model them around the house... I mean they sometimes act like 7 going on 17... so I can only dread the day, when they, one day will be 17.. oh man. But until then, give them some sunglasses, and start taking pictures, you got yourselves some mini movies stars. And yes, even though I'm their mom, I have to say they are some pretty cool kids.. esp when they can sing along to Depeche Mode, loves the Killers, and sings "Clumsy" by Fergie.. what more can you ask for???

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little Detectives...

That's right, we have two little detectives that live here. Last night I had my cell phone in my pocket at soccer practice, something I always do, so I can tell what time it is, since I don't wear a watch. Well when I was changing my shoes, I guess it fell out of my pocket and I didn't even notice. Later at dinner I realized it wasn't in my pocket, and I turned the house inside out trying to look for it. And I knew it was probably back at the school. Luckily we were the only ones practicing there today. It was already dark, so Austin insisted we all carry flashlights, we headed off to the school and started the search. It took us about 5 minutes but we finally found the phone- upside down, under some grass and the sprinklers had gone off. But so far it looks ok.. So that was our "mini- adventure" the other night. The kids just thought it was the coolest thing ever, almost as good as searching for treasure...

Fish Funeral

well today we had quite the devastating incident... Austin came home from school and was doing homework at the table, when he looked at his fish and noticed that is wasn't swimming. He called me over and said the eyes were closed.. and I thought, oh man, I know what's wrong, he is going to be totally heart broken. And unfortunately, it was true, his blue "T-Rex" fish was a goner.. Then he said, well if he's dead, we have to give him a funeral and bury him. So we did just that. Austin kindly brought him out, and dug a hole, and laid him to rest. He cried a bit, and was a little sad. This is the second pet we lost, the first was a frog he won at the carnival several years ago.. So I guess this weekend we will be going down to get another one, esp since Sydney's fish is still alive...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Camp Fire Pit

Two summers ago we splurged and bought one of those outdoor fire-pits and last summer didn't get to use it enough, just too dang hot, but this summer we've used it quite a bit. Last night was the perfect temperate, and Jeremy got the fire going good. Then we had to bust out the marshmallows and make yummy smores.. Austin just loves the idea of roasted the marshmallows, takes a couple bites and then just wants to roast more. Syd actually loves to eat the smores all the way, and last night she said had the "perfect, ready marshmallow"... Such a fun yummy treat. Hopefully we will get to use it a couple more times before the cold comes in.. Just such a nice, relaxing way to unwind for the night.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yard Work

Well the last two weekends have been ALL about the yard work. Last weekend, we went through and cleaned out the WHOLE garage, swept it out, sprayed it down, and threw out lots of junk... then reorganized it. This weekend, was weeding, getting the dirt ready and laying all new "good" soil, mowing all the lawn, and got done most of the edging.. Man we were all sooo beat. The kids got in on the action and helped a bit, but mainly rode their bikes, which was fine, the weather was totally gorgeous and perfect.. Then later we realized we actually got some sun and mini sunburns, but feels good to have most of it done for now.

Front View:
Front flower bed- with my favorite shrubs:
Backyard Rock Wall View:

First Tooth Lost

Well finally, it was about time. But Austin lost his very first tooth!!!! That's right, he turned 7 last month, and got his first visit from the tooth fairy on Thursday night. He started complaining about 2 weeks ago about a bump inside his mouth, hurting him. So we checked it out, and noticed his bottom tooth coming in BEHIND his bottom baby tooth. Well nothing was loose, sooo we called the dentist and made an appointment. When we got there the dentist said he was going to have to "remove" it. Austin was such a huge trooper, needle and all, had the tooth pulled and check out that root!!!! MAN!!! so that night the tooth fairy came... and brought $2 and a large king size M&Ms. He was sooo happy and said he even saw the tooth fairy fly away. Well this isn't the cheapest way to loose a first tooth, but he is more than excited.. (only dilemnia is that I think the other bottom baby tooth is going to have the same thing happen, we noticed another small bump).

Family Blog

Well, it's more that about time, and more than overdue. But, I finally got it together to get our family blog up and running.. That's right, I must be a total blogging fool. I was having a hard time balancing the scrappy blog and getting enough family blogging done. So here it is, our family blog, up and running.. so check in regularly to see what we are up to.