Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Goals, One Game

On Tuesday night, Austin had another indoor soccer game. He was in the first quarter but kinda having a hard time and not really feeling the game. So I had him come out for a bit, and Jeremy talked to him. In the second half, he went back in and was on fire, totally difference little guy. He scored two goals!!! One was an assist, where a girl on his team passed it from outside and he kicked it right into the goal. The other goal was perfect placing for him, standing in the right place at the right time, and he just plowed the ball right into the goal. Way to go little buddy...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy Moly.. Batman

Austin, is a bit of the slower side of losing his teeth, but they seem to be popping out all at once now. He lost two really close together a couple of months back, and then recently the top started to wiggle.. Well after a couple days of a REALLY lose tooth, he bumped it a time or two today and then bam!!! out it came. So he has a nice big gap on the top, and just notified me today that the other front top tooth is loose, at least the bottom two are pretty much in. Austin is excited, that means tonight the tooth fairy will be stopping by our house for a visit.

Spring Flowers

Well it's about that time of the year. March seems to be the month when all the flowers in the back and most of the front start popping up. Some of the lesser sun areas don't pop till later in April, but we had a burst of nice gorgeous weather and got some beautiful crocus bulbs that spurted up and are sooo pretty right now. These photos were take Friday by Jeremy, and the REALLY sad thing is that today we got snow and lots of cold weather, and not sure if they will be popping back up and staying. It's sooo sad. After the long winter, and all the waiting, this always seems to happen, a storm or frost come in and destroy the short lived flowers. These photos are pretty cool, and glad we at least got to enjoy them for a bit. There's a bit more snow in the forecast this week, but supposed to warm up after that. Let's just hope the warm stays, since I was enjoying my flip flops, tshirts, capris and walks with the kids.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's That Time... Soccer Time.

WOO HOO... we are back in the soccer mode, which makes me really excited. Indoor soccer is in for right now, and we signed Austin up this time and guess what? yup, I'm coaching again. I just can't say no, and I just really enjoy being out there, and also just feeling like I'm somehow participating. Yesterday was the first game, and first time meeting the new team. We practiced for the first twenty minutes of the hour, and then play 2- 16 minute half with a water break. I was soooo impressed with the kids that we have on the team, they are all second graders and most of them have played before. Our team did really well, I think the score was about 9-3, and Austin scored one of the first goals.. Way to go Austin!!!
So I am really excited for the new season, and all the kids seem like they will be lots of fun. The season is pretty short, 8 games in 5 weeks, and then after that will start up Spring Outdoor Soccer and both Austin and Sydney will be playing in that.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lil Baller Austin

This was Austin's third season of basketball and something that he was really looking forward to. I have to say what an improvement from the last season, the 2nd grade only league had such a difference in the way they played compared to last year, lots more baskets, lots more dribbling, and lots more of one on one. Austin made a few baskets throughout the season, and was also on the team with his best friend, James, which is the second year in a row, which he really enjoyed. I was really proud of Austin and his skills improvement.

Lil Basketball Girl

This year was Sydney's first year to play basketball, she has watched Austin the last couple of years and said she wanted to play when she was old enough. So this year, she was about to play in the kindergarten/ 1st grade level. The first game, the ball bounced and then popped her in the nose, she had a big cry and was quite timid of the ball after that. We talked her into going back, and even though she was a bit shy when the ball would bounce and come her way, she kept with it, and had lots of fun. She loved being a defender and was great at it, esp with her tall height, she had a great season.