Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Gardens on a Tuesday Afternoon

Today was the last day of our Thanksgiving Point membership, and we were going to go to the dinosaur museum, but on the way I had totally forgotten about the Gardens, and the weather was great so we changed courses and headed there. What a beautiful day and lots of amazing flowers up and blooming, sooo pretty everywhere.. We ended up being there for about 2 hours, totally not expecting to do that this afternoon, but was completely worth it. Got tons of fun pictures of the kids, they were running around everywhere like crazy, and was great since no one was there.. lots of exploring, playing, rolling down the grassy hills, and walking barefoot in the grass.. it was a wonderful afternoon...

Memorial Day, Camping, The Ranch and MUD

Well for the holiday weekend we thought we would do some camping up at the ranch, it's Jeremy's family's property up in the canyon. We knew there was supposed to be a bit of rain in the forecast, just not sure how much. So we got up there and got all unpacked and settled, it was gorgeous, soooo green and just beautiful. The kids went off to play in the meadow and had a blast running around, plus were fascinated by the dog by us, that some other campers brought with them. Jeremy got the fire going and some tin foil dinners- which were really yummy.. Roasted some yummy marshmallows and of course, some smores- what else would camping be? Started to turn in for the night, and it began to rain... and that's exactly what it did ALL night long, nonstop.... We got up the next morning and it was still raining, there was lots of fog in the canyons and was gorgeous, something that I really miss seeing from Cali.... Well we made some delicious breakfast, still rain, so we decided we better head back, even though we were going to stay longer.. but OH MY GOSH, what a drive that was. It usually takes about 35 minutes or so to get back up to the canyon highway turn off, but it took us a good 2 hours!!! The dirt path was totally mud, and since the rain was non- stop the mud went the WHOLE way... We got stuck almost instantly, even with 4 wheel drive, and low gears, the car ended up in a ditch and perpendicular to the road... it was scary!!! esp when my side was the side about to slam into the cliff wall... Me and the kids decided to get out and follow Jeremy for a couple of miles, and our shoes were basically covered in about 4-6 inches of mud.. Jeremy had to ride the ditches, there was no control, no traction, the roads were VERY curvy, up and downhill and very intense. I was more than freaked out!!! But we made it, and were totally tense the whole time, Sydney actually fell asleep, Austin just stared wide eyed and watched everything... Finally home safe and sound and sooo thankful nothing bad really happened... I know I should have taken some pics of our car drowning in the mud, but for the first time ever, I did not think to grab a camera!!!

This Girl is sooo Funny

Sometimes when Sydney goes and plays, she gets VERY creative... and sometimes she really does cease to amaze me.. The other day her and Austin were playing, and I called her into the kitchen to ask her something... and THIS is how she walked out to me- 3D glasses, pink cowgirl hat from a long ago costume, in her pjs, her blankie as a cape and a Buzz Lightyear gun... wasn't really sure what to think, so I grabbed the camera and had to take a picture..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sydney's Dance Recital

Well it is that time of year again, dance recital time. Sydney has been looking forward to it for months, and this I would have to say, is why she loves taking dance, the big dress up, performance and dancing. She is sooo girlie when it comes down to it. They did their ballet number to Mr Postman, and was sooo cute, and then their tap number was to A is for Adorable, which was a super cute song. She looked sooo sweet, and I just loved their recital outfits too. I have to say, my fave pictures of her are while she is waiting and I always do a little photo shoot and she loves every minute of it too... She also received her dance metal at the end, and was sooo proud of it and wore it with pride. Way to go Sydney!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kid Talk and Stuff....

Well the kids have been pretty funny lately. They really have such fun and cute personalities!!

Came home today with a badge that said "Ant Patrol" on it, I wasn't sure if he was playing a game with friends or what it meant. He said in their class they have an ant problem and there are 2-3 people on ant patrol. I asked what that meant, he said they when they see an ant they take it out of the class and put it outside... YUCK!!! So I said were you busy, he said yes. He said another kid got burned out, but Austin was still on the job!! Well good to know, I think....

"How do you make Lady Gaga cry?......

Poke her Face...." ( I really like that one and thought it was cute!! LOL)

I had to run an errand after Sydney's dance class and she was carrying her dance shoe bag like a purse and I asked to hold her hand to cross the street, and she said no, I'm a little mom.. so I started to ask her questions:
Me: Are you a busy mom?
Syd: Yes
Me: What do you do all day?
Syd: I take naps
Me: Do you do cooking, cleaning and laundry?
Syd: Yes all of it
Me: Do you work?
Syd: Yes at the police station. I ride in the car when they go catch the robbers.
Me: Do you have kids?
Syd: Yes, I have 6
Me: Boys or girls?
Syd: 3 boys and 3 girls
Me: What kind of car do you drive?
Syd: A mini van
Me: What color is it?
Syd: Blue
Me: What does your husband do?
Syd: He works on the computer all day
Me: What are your kids names?
Syd: I don't know.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dinosnorzzz... Night at the Museum

Austin and Jeremy got to do one of the coolest things ever, in fact it is probably a dream come true for Austin, who is an AVID dinosaur lover. I had been seeing the flyers for this for awhile and kept putting it off, but I got Jeremy and Austin signed up for it. They went on Friday night and then stayed the night in the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. They went and got all checked in, then got to see their own private screening IMAX movie, complete with drinks and popcorn, and snacks. Then afterwards, they got to take an after hours tour of the museum and play and hang out. Austin was just soooo excited the whole time, Jeremy said he kept saying, Dad I'm so happy, this is the best day. When it was time for bed, they were assigned areas to sleep in, and lucky Austin got to sleep in the T-REX room- which happens to be his FAVE dinosaur too. They slept right under T-REX.. The next morning they got up for breakfast and got to do a few last learning centers. Austin came home with a dino puzzle, which is already made and complete and a cast of a fossil.. What a dream come true for my little buddy....

Playing in the Sand Area:
Breakfast Time:

Daddy and Austin about to call it a night: This is the view from the sleeping area- right up at TREX:Austin happy as can be:

Austin Spring Soccer

Here are a few pics from the first game, actually these are all the ones that were taken. Jeremy was the photographer at this game, so looks like I will make sure I get the camera and bring it, Jeremy likes to video, I like to take pictures. Austin is on his best friend James team, and his dad is the coach. Apparently this game didn't go too well, Austin was kinda disappointed he didn't get a goal, but he's got 6 more games to try, and I'm sure he'll get one by then... way to go Austin.

Sydney Spring Soccer

Well we just started spring soccer, we missed one game, and were rained out on one game, so Saturday was the first game that the kids played. It was a noon game and in sitting outside for just the one hour, we totally came home sunburned!!!- well me and Jeremy the most anyways.. Sydney did amazing. She had a breakaway and somehow tripped or got kicked and twisted her ankle. She came out crying, but after a brief break, she decided she wanted to go back in, and she did and played hard. I was reallllly proud of her...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sydney Turns Six..

Well, she is growing up, an growing up fast. Sydney turned 6 this last week and I have to brag, she is quite the cutie too... She was very excited about her upcoming birthday and was on major countdown, asking how many days for a couple of months.
Sydney's Faves-
Star Wars and Mario Kart Wii games, riding her bike, playing My Littlest Pet Shop, Dressing Up, wearing pink and doing her hair "cute", loves pizza and mcnuggets, also a chocolate lover.
She loved to read and does very well with it, enjoys books and being read to, loves movies, and really enjoyed Coraline.
She is my pride and joy, I love her sooo much, she is my cuddles.

Sydney, 6 ( and that cute flower clip is from Auntie Kristine- who is very talented)
Me and my baby
Sydney's fun present from grandma and grandpa Hatter (thanks for the shirts too) What every Star Wars princess needs, a purple light saber
Cake from the family BBQ on Saturday

Star Wars Party

Ok so when I was thinking Star Wars party, I was probably thinking I would be throwing one for Austin.. but nope, Sydney went through the selection of princess, butterfly and pink-ness and choose Star Wars.. Her and Austin play the Wii game and LOVE it, watch Clone Wars and the movies.. so I said ok. Luckily the Internet rocks and had tons of ideas for what to do for a Star Wars party.. we had lots of theme games, Dark Maul drinks, and lots of light saber talk. Sydney was sooo happy and had a blast, with about 11 friends that came over to celebrate.. We even had a Star Wars tattoo session, yes the fake kind, though Austin and Sydney's are not totally gone.. But it was fun indeed...

Birthday Princess
Coloring the Galaxy
Pin the light saber on the Jedi (Jeremy drew the FAB Jedi) Star Wars bean bag toss- I made them out of this Darth Vader material and let each of the kids take one home, they also got a Star Wars magnet in their goodie bag Pop the Balloon- lots of un for the kids