Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Spring Break was a really nice break. I had to work the first two days of the break since Provo still was in school for those days, but then got to have 3 days off!!! wooo hoo... really nice. We got to do lots of activities including sleepin in late and getting 6 inches of snow- not really my fave part of the break. But one of the days we went with the Jessop cousins to the dinosaur museum, the kids had lots of fun, exploring on the dinosaurs, playing in the sand pits, and or course the dinosaur sand dig.
The next day, after the lovely snow that came in, we headed out with the Jessop boys to go to the museum exhibit at BYU Art Museum. They had the Walter Wick exhibit going, the creator of I Spy and just was totally fascinated by the art work there and then loved reading how he set up all the details and what you could find hidden, and how long each one takes from start to finish. Very interesting. Then we headed over to the Bean Museum and got the scavenger hunt papers to see what we needed to "find" in the museum. The kids loved seeing all the animals, and Austin was very curious in the "stuffing" of the animals process and that fact that they are dead. Later on, we met up with Katelin and had a yummy lunch at stars and got some ice cream at Sub Zero, which is really cool to watch how they actually make the ice cream, totally fascinating.
The next day, we did something that I have been putting off and exposing the kids to, trying to keep it a secret, something that I have always been totally against, the whole overpriced, you need to get an outfit- spend more money, and whole get the parents while they are down and out and total suckers. But I broke down and decided to go take the kids for a special treat. The kids didn't even pick out a bear, Austin picked out a puppy and named him Brownie and then Sydney picked out a bunny and called her Sparkles- yes sooo girlie. The kids had a blast and really enjoyed their new friends.
Saturday, was such a relaxing day, we slept in and started the day kinda late. Kinda had a horrible run in at the movie theatre, been waiting to take the kids to see Monsters vs Aliens in 3D well after 20 minutes they came back and said the projector for the 3D was broken and we were stranded, so we got lunch. Then missed the next show at another theatre by about 15 minutes.. So we headed over to the dinosaur museum and had some fun playing there and caught the 3D dinosaur movie, which the kids just loved. Such a great week, and lots of family fun time.

The kids at The Dinosaur Museum:
Sydney and Ryder playing in the sand: Bailey, Austin and Jordan getting dirty:Austin & Sydney quick pic at the museum:
Monte Bean Museum:
Walter Wick, I spy exhibit at BYU Art Museum:
At the museum art store they had these adorable monster friends that I let each of the kids get, they were drawn and created by children and then made and turned into stuffed animals, they are really cool:
Build a Bear, Austin's new puppy friend Brownie, Sydney's new bunny friend, Sparkles:

3D movie with Flat Stanley, proof he went where we did:
Daddy getting down and dirty with Austin:
Sydney playing house with the dinosaurs in the sand:
Jeremy and me getting ready for the 3D dinosaur movie:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Family Photos

One thing I always love about Easter, is new Sunday clothes. The kids each got new outfits for church. Austin looked sooo super handsome in his new shirt, tie and dress shoes- which is one thing he has never officially had. I LOVE Sydney's new Easter dress, sooo girlie, and looked amazing on her. She even got her hair curled for church, and looked very grown up. The weather was nice enough, and some sun to take some good outdoor family photos, which I can't wait to print out. Later that night, we had the Jessop family over and had a lovely family dinner all together, lots of yummy food, kids playing all over, and good times together.

Easter Sunday

When the kids got up they were more than excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought them and if he hid eggs, and if he even came. Austin kindly woke up at 5:30 am, just to make sure he came, but was also polite enough to double check, and then go back to bed, till about 8:30.. thank goodness!! Both Austin and Sydney got up and spied out the eggs that had carefully been hidden by the Easter Bunny in the night. Then, got us up to open their baskets and finish the Easter hunt. The Easter Bunny also left mom and dad a King Size Reeses Peanut Butter egg, yum!!! Katelin also was visited by the Easter Bunny, but woke up MUCH later to get her basket... The kids each got some new spring jammies, Easter Sunday attire, and candy, of course. They also got a game and movie to share, one of which was ET, and they have already watched it a few times.

The Easter bunny even visited Katelin:
New Sunday attire:
The kids proudly holding their Easter baskets:

Easter Egg Making

What would Easter be, without the typical dying the Easter eggs?? I remember doing it as a kid, and always looking forward to that tradition. The kids asked if we were doing it, unfortunately I still do NOT like, eat, or can even stand the smell of eggs, but Jeremy was happy to get them boiled and then eat most of them afterwards, the kids also ate some of them too, but not me.. So we got the egg dye going, did a few speckled dyed eggs, and the kids added some of the fun Star Wars stickers and things to the eggs to deck them out. Then the next morning, the Easter bunny hid them and the kids were super excited to find them all.

The kids are sooo into Stars Wars, we got a Star Wars Eggs kit, they loved it:

Jeremy was really excited about his eggs:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Growing Up

I realized when I took these pictures that Sydney and Austin have really grown up alot, lately esp. When we first moved here and started going to the park, Sydney could only go on the baby swing and the slide with help, most of the time she just stayed in the stroller. Austin had a hard time with some of the bigger equipment at the park, and we did alot of standing by him, to make sure he didn't slip out the sides of the park play equipment. WOW, what a difference 5 years makes, the kids are just growing up sooo much, they can pretty much run the playground by themselves. Sydney is going to be 6 in just a couple of weeks, and next year will be in school all day, and Austin 8 this summer and in 3rd grade next year. They are just such good kids and I love their personalities, they really mean everything to me.

Last of the Play Pictures

Here are just a couple of the last random shots of the kids playing at the park. They really had such a great time together, running around, playing outside and just having a blast. As Jeremy pointed out, no we don't make our kids wear helmets and gear to play at the park and ride the swings. They happened to have gone bike riding first, kept it on at the park and then did a bit more bike riding.. I didn't really think anything of it till he pointed it out...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Park Play Time

When we went and played on the park, the kids were all over, playing tag, up and down the slides. Bailey was really into climbing on everything and I kept having to relook and find him somewhere new. Ryder was just sooo excited and out running around. Sydney was fun and giggley and Jordan was kinda quiet, just talking it all in, and having a blast. Austin looked so big at the park, all the kids did, they are really growing up.

Austin, what a big boy:
Bailey Hanging Out:
Jordan Standing Tall:
Sweet Sydney coming down the Slide:
Ryder, deep in thought, what to do next:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Swing High, Swing Low

When we went to the park, one of the main highlights of play time was the swings. Ryder was super cute and just laughing up a storm when we would push him up super high, his giggle is just the cutest. I kinda played around with my camera and took some fun angles and shots of the swing time action. Here are a couple, but I got lots more, I have to say I am really looking forward to scrappin these forsure and can't wait.
The kids new game on the swings, if you are swinging even with a person then you are getting married with them. So they sang the wedding song anytime they were even. It was quite funny, that's one I've never heard before...