Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sea Elephants

One of the fun things to do in central coast Cali is to drive up Hwy 1 and see all the sea elephants come up onto the shore, and hang out, rest, play, or wrestle with each other. Austin was really excited to see the fun sea animals this time.. There were quite a few babies, and Sydney was very interested in them and thought they were soooo cute. We got some pretty good photos, the lighting was really nice out, even though it got a bit chilly..

Evening Sunset:

Friday, February 20, 2009


Well we drove up the coast a bit, to Cambria, which is always a gorgeous drive, love the ocean views, and just so relaxing to drive up Hwy 1. We stopped and had lunch at the Dockside Cafe. It was kinda yucky weather when we got there, but thought what the heck, let's eat outside, we sure can't do that in December in Utah. Once we got seated and were eating the sun broke through the clouds, and it was gorgeous. The clam chowder was really yummy... and the kids both had fish and chips and loved it. Austin has become a huge fan of it.. Also he had on his new beanie, which I think makes him look extra handsome.. such a cutie. Afterwards, we walked up and down Moonstone Beach.. Jeremy took the kids out on the cliffs for a bit, and was sooo cool to see all the sea lions out the the rocks. What a cool site.

Hanging out eating lunch:

Austin, in his new beanie:

Checkin out the wildlife on the cliffs:
Sea Lions out on the rocks:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Montero De Oro

Not only do I love going to Montero De Oro, but it's a family favorite of everyone. Jeremy loves taking the kids out on the cliffs to explore all the exciting wildlife, mussels, anemones, and crabs, ect that seem to creep in and out of all the cliff crevices. The kids love to see what's new, just love the idea of being at the beach, and being able to run around and explore. There also was a mini pond with some water, where everyone took a turn at skipping rocks in, esp with all the rocks all over the beach. Jeremy was the master teacher of the art, Sydney liked to just throw them in, but Austin actually worked on skipping his rocks. Sydney also collected "pretty rocks" that she found, and found a few cool ones myself. It's just sooo relaxing and gorgeous to be there.

Austin & Sydney out on the cliffs exploring:
Jeremy, teacher of rock skipipng:
Sitting and relaxing on the beach: Lots of fun sealife waiting to be explored:Jeremy and Austin skipping rocks:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Morro Bay

Later that day, we drove over Hwy 41 to Morro Bay, which is one of my favorite places. We made a quick stop at Wavelengths, of course, to pick up a couple tshirts and sweatshirts, to show our Cali spirit. We ate lunch on the wharf, and had the best ever clam chowder- so fresh and lots of clam chuncks, and my favorite, the seafood quesadilla.. yum.. Then we walked over to the Rock, watched the surfers catch some waves, and the kids just had a blast. There was sooo much sealife out and about, which made for some great photo opts, and the water was so incredibly blue, just beautiful. Made me miss living there, so much. I tell Jeremy, one day we'll move back, one day.

View of the Rock:
Family Photo at the Bay:

Sea Otters Playing:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cali Trip

Well I guess I will just start out and do bit by bit of the trip, since we took a ton of photos while we were out in Cali, and only have one of the camera's photos actually uploaded to the computer.. So these will be from the fun times that we had on a mini vacation as we went up to San Luis Obispo, which is my MOST fave place in the world- laid back, relaxing, gorgeous scenery, and nice all around. We did go to the very small Atascadero Zoo.. which is also nice because it's on the smaller side, so you can see everything and not get too worn out. The kids had a blast, running around from animal to animal and see what's going on. I have to see the flamingos looked "really" cold there, almost shivering cold, but we were in flip flops and lovin every minute of the sunny, warm weather.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Crazy Hair Day

Well it's been FOR-EV-VA since I have family blogged.. I know, forever is an understatement. So thought I better add something quick... Well here are some of the latest photos from the kids. Last Friday was crazy hair day and I let them each pick out a color to do up their hair in. They earned it from bringing in goods for the school food drive..
So Austin went with Blue and Green strips, his hair isn't long enough for much else. And Sydney went with Barbie pink colored hair and about 10 cute little ponytails. The kids loved having their special hair styles done and I enjoyed doing it for them...

Well I am really going to work on updating this blog and all the pics and things that we did over the Christmas break and the Cali vacation- lots of photos from there. Jeremy has just managed to overtake the photo computer and so I haven't had the access I need to the pics.. so hopefully this month I will make it back to the bloggin world.
I think it's time to be off hiatus!!! LOL