Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 85: Rain

Rain oh rain.. and man, did it rain today. I mean, it was perfect timing for the rain today. We were already home from church for the day and just hanging out, listening to the rain and wind outside, and glad we were warm inside. We watched some movies and just took it easy, enjoying the rain. It's one of my favorite things to do.

Day 85: Chorley
Age: 107 days old

Day 84: Slide....

Today was game day for both kids. Sydney's game was really good, even though they lost, and Austin's game was good, even though they lost. One thing Austin loves to do is to steal bases, esp home plate. He got on base, and stole all the bases. They he actually had the chance to steal home, and he took it, he LOVES to slide, I can't say it enough, he LOVES to see how many times he can slide and get his uniform dirty at each game.I had the perfect shot of him coming into home for the slide, and then the ump got in the way. (you can actually see the pitcher covering home plate for the catcher behind him) but Austin made it in to get a run.. way to go buddy!!!

Day 84: Chorley
Age: 106 days old

Day 83: Hunger Games

Ever since I saw the trailer for the movie, I was like I HAVE got to see that movie. I got the book for Christmas in hopes of reading it before the movie came out. But, I kinda have a hard time committing to a book, I'm more of a summer reader for some reason. Plus by the time the kids are in bed, I'm sooo tired and can't read. So I still have the book to get to. Joan, from church, got a BIG old group of people together to go and see the movie and it was dang good. I really liked it, and now I am totally excited to read the book. I know the books are always better. But, it was a fun night out and great watch.

Day 83: Chorley
Age: 105 days old

Day 82: Cookies

Some days... this is what I look forward to. Not just the cookies, but that time of night, when the kids are in bed.. ALL of them, it's just me and Jeremy, hanging out, watching a show, unwinding from the day.. and some yummy cookies to dip. That to me means, the day is done, we got the kids to bed on time, and have some time to just chill out and unwind. This past week has been super busy with getting Austin's science project done, sports in the evenings, and late nights of homework. I was ready for an early night. We finally got one, watched 4 shows and got to bed early. and Yes, some yummy treats before bed.

Day 82: Chorley
Age: 104 days old

Day 81: Sick Kid

well it finally happened.. It was about 10 am and I got a call from the school. Apparently one of our kids wasn't feeling too well and running a temperature, should I come pick her up? This is the actual first time this has ever happened. (Once I had to bring a new shirt to school for Austin, since he has a bloody nose, but he didn't want to come home). Sydney said her head was hurting and her side too. So we did what we do when people are sick. No wii, No fun movies, No computer, just hang out and watch a little tv and eat a healthy lunch, and no dessert for the day. At least she did her homework, BUT later on when I thought she was "resting" in her bed, she was found playing her DS... guess what got taken away? Maybe next time, there won't be a mom there to pick up a sick kid.. hmmm, we'll see.

Day 81: Chorley
Age: 103 days old

Day 80: Costco = Love/ Hate

ahhh Costco..I love you, I hate you... I love buying in bulk, I hate that I end up spending sooo much there every time I go. Today was a $300 day at Costco, that included food and gas. We don't go every week, let alone every other week, probably just once a month. This week was also snack week for both kids games, and here they do full treat bags!!! (treat bag is a drink and "several" snacks in the bag) so we put 3 snacks in our bags. But we also needed meat, baby wipes and a few other large things I've been putting off buying. Unfortunately nothing was really "fun" that I bought. ahhhh, Costco, I love you, I hate you.

Day 80: Chorley
Age: 102 days old

Day 79: New Walking Shoes

Well one thing is I started back walking about a week ago, and realized that my walking shoes were waaaay due to be replaced. I got new ones right before I was pregnant, wore them the whole pregnancy for walking, and now that I'm not pregnant.. they have got to go. So I found these cute new walking shoes at Khols and I'm super excited to break them in!!!

Day 79: Chorley
Age: 101 days old

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 78: Chorley is 100 days old

Day 78: Chorley
Age: 100 days old

I can't believe it... Chorley is already 100 days old. It just seems like not long ago I was pregnant, that we were in the hospital with her, and that she was sooo tiny and sooo little. She has grown soooo much in the last 100 days (She was 14 lbs 4 oz at the dr's last Monday). Lately she has been trying to sit up and hold herself to sit up on her own. She talks and coos back to you, this is one of my favorite things, the sounds are sooo sweet. She smiles big and loves to look at you, and smile some more. She wakes up happy and smiling. She stays awake for big chunks of the day and takes a couple of naps throughout it. She doesn't mind being in the car, and enjoys being in the stroller for walks. She doesn't cry much, except when she is hungry and tired for bed at night. She sleeps in late in the morning, and is kind to her mom, and lets her get her rest. She is a wonderful baby and we can't imagine our family without her.

Later on this afternoon, we had these TWO weirdos come out of no where and pretend like they were visiting.. They both spoke in accents and acted pretty silly. Then they would disappear, change out of their get up and act like they had been here the whole time, then disappear and get dressed back up and pretend like they were new again... they did that several times.. LOL!! I just had to laugh when I saw them.

Day 77: St Patty's Day

Today was St Patty's Day.. Everyone was aware of wearing green, since Jeremy decided to run, put on a green shirt, and then proceed to pinch everyone in the house who wasn't wearing green. We made green pancakes for breakfast and then some green cookies for dessert, need to say, I'm officially out of green food coloring now:) It was fun to be festive too.

Day 77: Chorley (our lil leprechaun)
Age: 99 days old

Day 76: Squirrels

Squirrels.. kinda a funny thing to post, but I had forgotten how many squirrels come out around here and how fun they are to watch. They run around the backyard and up and down the tree, which drives Lily crazy!!! lol. They also run across the roof, and as your sitting in the living room, you hear them scamper across. On our walks, they come right out to the sidewalk and practically come right up to you. So it's been fun to see these little critters around.

Day 76: Chorley
Age: 98 days old

Day 75: Juice Time

One thing the doctor said that we could add into Chorley's diet was some diluted juice. Mainly it's mostly water with just a bit of juice added in for some taste. It's funny she does NOT like it cold at all, it has to be warmed up to drink.. yuck, but it's what she likes. So it's kinda fun because now I can have the kids or Jeremy feed her this, so I get a bit more of a break.

Day 75: Chorley (her onesie is from grandma and says grandma's sweetie)
Age: 97 days old

Day: 74 Austin's Game

Today was a super chilly day, and pretty chilly for a baseball game too. Chorley and I braved the cold for Austin's game and watched him play a GREAT game. He played catcher for awhile (one of my fave positions), 2nd base, 3rd base and one inning at outfield. He also got two amazing hits, one was a foul, but just barely, and went pretty high and far. The second one went high and far out to the field, so Austin got a double. He also walked one time, and made it into home for an added run. Their team won, it was their first win of the season, and it is sooo much fun to watch Austin grow in a sport that he really LOVES playing.

Day 74: Chorley (all bundled up)
Age: 96 days old

Day 73: Family Dinner

Today was Katelin's last night here for her visit. Us girls, mom, Katelin and I all got away for some mani/ pedis which were MUCH needed, esp for me. Also, my house maid came today to clean (aka Katelin, and I was VERY grateful for that.) Then we all went out to dinner at Islands together and had a nice family dinner. Dad ate quite a few of my sweet potato fries, something that I just LOVE and can never get enough of.We'll be missing Katelin while she is gone, but she'll be back soon, so we are excited about that.

Day 73: Chorley
Age: 95 days old

Day 72: Diapers and Wipes

I know this is kinda a funny picture to use for photo of the day, but it's one that has kinda been big in our house the last couple of days. And today was the BIG day.. Poor lil Chorley had, had some digestive problems and not quite feeling herself. We tried everything we knew of, called the dr and tried all their suggestions and you could tell she was just not herself. Today we even went to the doctor's and finally she went, and so these diapers were the big deal of the day at our house.

Day 72: Chorley
Age: 94 days old

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 71: Time Change

Pretty much my LEAST favorite day of the year, Daylight Savings in Spring. Sure, I love the days to be longer, BUT due to the fact that you actually LOSE a day of sleep, that really throws me for a loop. I hate that you feel groggy for a couple of days, and takes a few days to adjust to it all, but I am all for "fall forward" and an extra hour of sleep.

Day 71: Chorley
Age: 93 days old

Day 70: Disneyland

We went to Disneyland with Katelin, and since we have season passes, it was the perfect day to go. This was Chorley's first visit to the happiest place on Earth, and she was pretty good for the day too. Katelin even took the kids on lots of the scary kids, and they had a blast. Chorley went on a couple of rides with us, even Buzz Lightyear, where I held her and STILL got the top score of the family.. just sayin.. Of course we were super hungry by the time we left, so we hit Denny's on the way home, and got some breakfast for dinner. Sydney was kinda a zombie by then (due to the lack of sleep).

Day 70: Chorley
Age: 92 days old

Day 69: Sleep Over

Today was a first at our house. We hosted the Activity Days girls sleepover. I wasn't sure what kind of excitement we were in for, but we got some. The sleepover started at 7 pm, and there were 4 girls in Activity Days, and Sydney is one of them, 2 couldn't come, so we had Sydney and Keyala. (Jeremy took Austin out to the movies, do they didn't have to be around the "girls" and Katelin, aka "the nanny" came over too.)They played the Wii and had pizza. Then the activity days leader come over, they made fruit rolls ups from scratch and also made their own flavored lip balm. Afterwards they had some dessert and went to bed. In the middle of the night, it was still dark, I started hearing noises in the other room, then I heard Lily moving around, and then I heard the sliding door open. I told Jeremy to get out there cuz someone was in the house!! The clock said a bit before 5 am!!! So he came back and said that there were 2 girls up watching tv and they let Lily out!! We sent them back to bed, and at 630am they were back up. At 8 oclock they came in the bedroom hungry for breakfast. We didn't get the best night's sleep, let's just say. But Sydney had fun.

Day 69: Chorley
Age: 91 days old

Day 68: Sugar Cookies

Well Katelin is here visiting and you know what they means, she is begging for some desserts to be made. This time she was begging for some sugar cookies. So she came over and we made em. She suggested green frosting since this month is St Patty's Day. We also added some fun sprinkles just for kicks.

Day 68: Chorley
Age: 90 days old

Day 67: Simpsons Figures

One of the things that Jeremy gets to do as an AD, is go into Fox for their midway show meetings. Each time he does he gets one of these boxes for the kids. Each one has a Simpsons character in it, but you don't know which one it is till you open it. These are the ones the kids got this time, the bartender and Marge's smoking sister.. LOL!!! The kids were a bit disappointed, I think they just want a Bart or Lisa one.

Day 67: Chorley
Age: 89 days old (3 months old)

Day 66: Austin changes a Diaper

Austin has been watching us change Chorley's diapers and finally said, " Ok I've watched you change her diapers, I think I can do it... as long as it's not a poopy one." So with a little help, and not much, he changed one of Chorley's diapers and was pretty proud. He even asked if this could be picture of the day so here it is.

Day 66: Chorley
Age: 88 days old

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 65: The Heart Braid

On Valentines Day, I showed Sydney a picture of a girl who went to school with a heart braid and she has been begging me to do one ever since. Today was a day I got up a bit early and she was actually ready for school early, so there was time for the heart braid. This is how it turned out, and she was VERY happy with the end result and proud to wear it to school today.

Day 65: Chorley
Age: 87 days old

Day 64: Hit A thon and Science Project

Today was a busy day, we started a science project. Austin is doing his on making crystals. Who knew you could make your own crystals? He is making them in 3 different temperatures and then seeing the results from each. He was soo excited, and Jeremy and him had a great time working on it. Then, both kids had picture day and Sydney had a mandatory hit-a-thon. Each player got 10 hits, not pitches, but 10 times to hit the ball from a pitching machine. She hit the 2nd furthest ball on her team, and got some really great hits in there.

Day 64:Chorley
age: 86 days old

Day 63: We got a Pitcher

Austin has always loved watching pitchers pitch. In the backyard, he practices his pitching and has hoped to one day pitch. Today he did pitch, and opened the game as a pitcher. He still has a long way to home, but he did pretty good, and at the end of the inning was throwing quite a few strikes. As a mother I was VERY proud watching him pitch, and thankful for a coach who game him a chance to try it out.

Day 63: Chorley
Age: 85 days old

Day 62: Dr Seuss's Birthday

This week was Dr Seuss's birthday so the kids had some extra fun activities at school. One day was wear green for Green Eggs & Ham, one was wear pjs and bring a book to school for extra reading time, wear a shirt with words on it, etc. The kids had fun picking out their outfits for the week, plus anytime getting excited over reading is always fun. Sydney's spelling words were even all Dr Seuss words too!!

Day 62: Chorley (rock star)
Age: 84 days old