Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Time

This year for Halloween we had an eyeball monster and a cute lil witch. Sydney was kinda going back and forth with what to be, but when she found this fun witch hat with orange hair, and she knew she wanted to be a witch. We found this totally cool eyeball hat for Austin and decided to make his costume revolve around it and create an eyeball monster. This is my first official take on making a costume, broke out the sewing machine and all. Created this fun eyeball shirt, with a help of a link from my sister Kristine, and some great makeup. We created an eyeball monster. Both of them were so proud and excited to wear their costumes and could NOT wait to go trick of treating. We also of course, decked out with house with lots of Halloween fun decor. Jeremy had the fog machine going and wore a scary cape and mask to hand out candy, and even scared a couple of kids. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.

Cousins: A ninja, an eyeball monster, an army commander, a fireman, and a lil witch
Scary Outside Decor:

Pumpkin Carving

One of the funniest things to do at Halloween is carve a pumpkin. That's right, yucky guts, stringy seeds and a hand full of mush. Yum. Each one of us always gets our own pumpkin to theme and carve. Austin choose an eyeball and Sydney a witch, to go along with their costumes. Jeremy decided to go easy and did a Mr Sad face. I decided to stick to my Cali roots and go with a Roxy logo pumpkin.. yup wishing I was on the beach in Cali.

Getting the Yuckies Out
4 Pumpkins, Roxy, witch, eyeball and Mr Sad My Roxy pumpkin

Corn Bellys

One of my favorite places to go for fun Halloween festivities is Corn Bellys. The kids love it too and could probably stay there all day. They seemed to spend most of the time on the giant bounce pillows and were just having the best time jumping.. ahhh to be a kid again. I also love the corn maze, we decided to do just 1/2 and were able to find our way out in a decent time too. There is soo much to do there, the go carts, haunted house, and giant haunted monster, and play time too. I love the hay ride. We had never been to a place that does them till here and I just love how relaxing it is. Can't wait to go again next year. Is it Halloween again yet?

Park City Mini Trip

For UEA weekend, we decided it was a good idea to take a break and take a mini trip, so where do we head that's not to far away? Park City. I LOVE that town, it totally reminds me of San Luis Obispo, colder, but kinda laid back, a great place to unwind and feel like you're slowing down a bit. The weather was totally amazing and gorgeous and much warmer than I was thinking. We hit the outlets, saw a movie, ate some yummy mexican food, went swimming and walked around downtown. On the way back, we kinda just took our time heading home. We did the Provo Canyon drive and saw all the changing leaves. We also went to Heber Valley railroad and checked out the trains, also stopped for some yummy sushi on the way home. yum.. it was a much needed fun trip.

Dwontown Park City:
Park City Moose:
Heber Valley Railroad:

Halloween Carnival

Every year for UEA, I always take the kids to the carnival that a private school puts on in the area. The kids love it and really look forward to it. Usually the weather is great for it, just like it was when we went. I think their favorite thing to do is the face paint. They love picking from what they have. Austin got a shark this year, and Sydney got some fave swirls and stars. The kids had lots of fun, there was a spook house, lots of jumpers, a train ride, tons of games, go carts, and shooting off rockets. They also had some handmade goods and were selling loaves of bread for $1!!! and it was delicious.. so I bought a couple of loaves. Tons of holiday fun to start off autumn.