Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pine Wood Derby

Well it's that time of year, our first major scouting event, the pinewood derby. Austin was sooo excited when he got his car, and well, so was Jeremy. They crafted out a design and then got the car all ready, painted it, and lookin HOT for the big derby. Austin picked out the colors, and I added some the the decals (aka rub ons) so I was helpful in the design department. The night of the race, Austin was super excited. The car didn't come in first, but it didn't come in last either, so that was good. There were 4 heats and then the last qualifying race. Afterwards, all the big dads got to race their own, or their sons cars, for some fun of their own. I have to say it was pretty cool to watch all the cars and see how each one turned out so differently...

The night before the big race:
On the sidelines, getting all pumped up:
Austin and friends showing off their cool cars:
Austin's award: Starry Knight
Derby Car:

There it goes:
Jeremy racing the car with the big boyz later on:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sydney's Spring Dance Recital

This weekend was Sydney's big spring dance recital. She LOVES to dance on stage, wear her dress up outfit and do her dance. She did great as always. Her class is so cute to watch. They did their tap number to Walk in the Rain, which they used umbrellas as props and it was reallly cute. They also did a dance number to Mony Mony, which was really fun and energetic, I really enjoyed watching her do that dance. Sydney was sooo excited to get her trophy at the end, she was just gleaming from ear to ear. I am so proud of her, all the hard work she puts into learning her routines. Way to go Syd!!

Sydney dancing, front and center stage:

Walk in the Rain with umbrellas
Can you spare a drop? Gee I'm glad you found me

Mony Mony dance:
Lookin good on the way to the recital:

Ready to go, ready to walk in the rain:

After the show, with her trophy: