Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Hiatus

I will be taking a blogging break for the holidays break.. so I'm sure I will have tons to post and pics to upload when I get back.. just wanted to wish you and your families a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland.. I guess

Well, when we woke up to a few inches of snow this morning, I thought not too bad, it will stop.. boy was I wrong.. it didn't stop, and as of now, it's let up, but who knows what's next. I watched the weather last night and today looked nice.. but time sure changes quickly.. Not only did Austin and I get up this morning to shovel once, but I ended up shoveling twice (and then took these pics). I have to admit, the fresh powder snow is completely gorgeous!!! but makes for getting around a bit harder.. I got a snow day today, the freeways and streets weren't plowed and after 35 mins and the road, and only about 5 miles, I knew I would never make the 20 mile commute.. so just been hanging out, had some cocoa with Sydney, since she helped shovel a bit the second time.. I'm sure the kids will be begging to go outside and play in the ALL the new snow..

Small Shovelers

Sunday after the snow, I had two very eager little shovelers, which made my job a lot easier.. Both Austin and Sydney got out there with shovels, and of course did some playing in the snow too, but was fun to watch them work together.. Austin did a bit more of the work, and has been such a great little helper with all this snow we've been getting, that kinda came out of nowhere. I was enjoying the warms temps here in Utah, but nope, had to all go and change. I guess we will be getting a white Christmas after all...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stydney's Ballet Dance

Here is Sydney's ballet dance number to the "Sugar Plum Fairy" song, which was soo sweet.

Sydney's Tap Dance

Here is the "Red Shoes" Tap Song that Sydney performed at her dance recital tonight.

Sydney's Dance Recital

Tonight was Sydney's big Christmas dance recital.. She has been waiting for this all season long and was really looking forward to it also. She did one Tap number- and was soooo cute how they added on the red felt shoes to go along with the song.. was soo adorable, and they were also the opening number. Then they were the closing number, with their ballet number for the Sugar Plum Fairies Song.. This turned out sooo sweet. I just LOVED their dance outfits this year, I can't believe how grown up Sydney looks out there. I was one proud mom watching the recital.. Then at the end of the night, they had a "special visitor" come. Yup, Santa arrived, and so they each got a special piece of Santa chocolate candy, and afterwards all the other kids were allowed to come up, so Austin got really excited to go up, see Santa, and get a candy cane. Sydney performed great, and loved watching her. Kristine and Kimberly, my sisters, we also there to cheer her on too, which of course, she loved.

Christmas Breakfast

This morning, we had our church Christmas breakfast.. The kids were really excited to go- yummy pancakes (with strawberries) hash browns, potatoes and breakfast meats, and eggs- which of course, I had to pass on... and also they had a children's musical program. Most of the kids played an instrument, and Austin signed up to be in it. I told him he doesn't know how to play an instrument though. He said he could learn... in 10 days.. but he insisted on being in it, so we settled on singing a song. And Sydney mentioned that she wanted to sing too. So they decided to sign Dashing Through the Snow/ Jingle Bells and got up in front of everyone and performed.. I was soo proud of them.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Family Photo Session

Well on Thanksgiving Day we did our annual family photo shoot... We took them at the new Hot Spot in Lehi, literally just minutes from our house, which was kinda fun.. There's the railroad tracks, the old rustic shutters and then the cool vintage looking french doors... lots of great photo opts.. the weather wasn't exactly how I wanted it to turned out, but we were kinda short on time for the week, but I am really happy with how so many of them turned out.... I'm sure those family members might see one in a photo Christmas card soon...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Decorating

One thing that I love doing, esp as a family is decorating for the holidays.. and Christmas is one holiday that I really enjoy decorating. The kids love it, and have been asking, much in advance when we would be getting out the decorations. We did it the Saturday after Thanksgiving and just love the feel of the house and the feel of the Spirit of Christmas.. And this year we finally have outdoor lights!!! yeah, not a ton, and not the best hanging job, but finally got my icicle lights up, after 4 years of sitting in the box.. and that's right... I hung them myself. Would have loved to do more of the house, but I am sooo freakin afraid of heights, I just couldn't bring myself to get up that high, and our ladder isn't that tall for the point of the roof...

Outside Lights (sorry not great pic):
Porch Trees:
Upclose of Tree:
Entertainment Decorations:
Wall Decorations:
My Snowman Family:

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sunday Brunch

So, something that we have never done is go to Sunday brunch. And since we were staying at the Little America, and they are really known for their brunch we thought they would try it out. and oh my gosh, there was sooo much food and really good food too. We stayed for about 2 hours... just talking and eating and hanging out together which was really nice. And since we went kinda later in the afternoon, we had both breakfast- crepes and waffles and bacon, and then lunch, and then also lots of fresh seafood too... so we hung out a bit, so that we could make some room for dessert and soo glad that we did. They had this chocolate thing- not sure if it was pie/ cake/ or cheesecake, but it was amazing.. we couldn't even finish a piece. I was soo full I didn't eat much for a couple of days. One day we'll have to go back forsure.

Me and Jeremy 10 years married:
Brunch Display:

10 Year Anniversary Date

For out 10 year anniversary we got a nice and much needed break away from everything, including the kids... (not that we love them any less, but some alone together time is always great). So we first went and saw Twilight, which was sooo good.. I wasn't sure about it, since I loved the book, but was really surprised how much I liked it, Jeremy did too. Then we went up to SLC and checked into our hotel and stayed the night at the Little America. We met up with the Worthingtons, for some ultra yummy Thai food, which was ultra good, esp the shrimp lettuce wraps- ohhh I sooo addicted now. Afterwards, we just kinda walked around the Gateway for awhile till the concert started. Then we finally got to see Coldplay, which we have been waiting to see for sooo long!!! We had the tickets for what seemed like forever, so we were so glad to finally see them. I know Jeremy had wanted to forever. The show was of course, amazing and loved it all... So it was a wonderful anniversary...

Super YUMMY Thai food:
Me and Jeremy: love those fun trees in the back
Emily, Gavin, Jeremy, Wendy: ColdPlay Concert:
Chris Martin:

"Yellow" by Coldplay: