Thursday, December 5, 2013

Project 12: October 2013

Here's what we were up to in October:

Left side:
Right side:

October highlights:

Jeremy and I went on two date nights, one to the Depche Mode concert and also to the Simpsone premiere
Austin played fall baseball for the Scrappers
Sydney played soccer for the Field Fighters
Austin got to hand out awards for our ward at scouts
We went to a pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins
Boston Red Sox won the World Series, and Austin had us watch all the games
Halloween- Austin was the Grim Reaper, Sydney was a Day of the Dead girl, Chorley was an owl

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Project 12: September 2013

Here's what we were up to in September, I took tons of photos in the beginning of the month and then fizzled out by the end of the month.. opps...

Left side:
Right side:
Month Highlights:
Austin turned 12 at the end of August and got the Priesthood on Sept 1
We had a special day for him, with lots of relatives visiting- grandparents, uncles and aunt Katelin
Sydney and I went on a mom and daughter over night for a grand opening I worked at
Sydney played soccer, and Austin in baseball
Chorley is 21 months old

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Project 12: August 2013

Here's what we were up to in August. We were actually pretty busy. It was actually kinda hard narrowing down the photos because I took a ton of photos.

Left side:
Right Side:

Month Highlights:
I got to go up and visit Katelin in Utah, just sisters hanging out
Susan's wedding in Atascadero
Mine and Alise's bdays were actually on the wedding day, so we got to hang out
Seeing the Jessops and having a yummy breakfast in SLO
going boating with Alise, her kids, Jennette, Uncle Dave, and some of Brent's kids
Austin (7th grade) and Sydney (5th grade) first day of school
Austin's 12 birthday
Jeremy's birthday

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Project 12: July 2013

Here's what we were up to, mainly being in the water... and swimming... swim lessons... and keeping cool in the backyard..
I used Echo Park's Summer line for the 2 page spread.
Left side:
 Right Side:
4th of July- BBQ at the Robinson and swimming
Fireworks show at Simi Valley, though there ended up not being a fireworks show due to the misfiring of the fireworks and many people getting injured
Swim lessons for Austin & Sydney
Sydney went to soccer came for a week
Swimming & staying cool in the backyard

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Project 12: June 2013

Up to date, and here is what we did for June, we were pretty busy

left side:
Right side:
June highlights:
Austin graduating from elementary, 6th grade promotion
Sydney getting a few awards for academics and effort
Sydney's 4th grade California play
Austin's baseball team came in first place for the season
Going to up Utah and staying with Katelin and Matt, I got to demo for a scrapbook company and was flown out to help with the grand opening at Michael's in Utah
Chorley and I swimming at the pool
Austin's 6th grade jumprope show
Chorley flying on the plane

Project 12: May 2013

This is what we had going on for May

Left side:
Right side:

May highlights:
Sydney's 10th birthday
Sydney and Mom at the mom and daughter picnic in the park for Activity Days 
Austin & Sydney's school open house
Austin & Sydney at the school music program with their recorders
Sydney's spring soccer season ended, she got MVP
Austin as the catcher
Jeremy in the ER, and ended up staying the night at the hospital after some heart complications

Project 12: April 2013

This is what our April looked like

Left side:
Right side:
April highlights:
Swimming at the Jessops for Ryder's birthday
Sydney played spring soccer on the Panda's team
Austin up to bat for the Marlins
all the kids actually asleep in the car while traveling
Chorley at her first play park
The kids reading in the backyard on a lazy sunday afternoon

Project 12: March 2013

This is what we were up to in the month of March

Left side:
Right Side:
March highlights:
Austin started his baseball season on the Marlins team, he is the team's main catcher
Chorley and I went up to Utah for the scrapbook Expo, we stayed with Katelin and Matt
Chorley's first snow
Going on out a date night
Austin and Sydney with their Easter baskets

Project 12: February 2013

Here is what our family was up to in February. It was a pretty slow month and I didn't bring the camera out much, but only for w few certain events.

Left side:

Right side:

Family Highlights:
Sydney's Daddy Daughter dance at school
Going out on Uncle Dave's boat in Santa Barbara
Driving with the kids
Chorley's fever seizure and going to the ER

Project 12: January 2013

Well it's been forever since I updated this, things got crazy once the kids got in school last year and sports and just too much going on.
Project 365 was a bit overwhelming, and I kept to most of it for the year, but I DID take a photo of Chorley every single day, I did stick with that. I would be cool to somehow get them all together in one album one day to see how much she changed over the yet. It seemed like alot.

So this year I'm just doing Project 12, MUCH more manageable and more my style. It's where you just scrapbook the whole month into a 2 pager. Some months don't have a ton of photos, some have alot because we are pretty busy.

Here is January 2013:
Left side:
Right Side:
January highlights:
Katelin and Matt stayed with us for a few days over the Christmas break
We went out to pizza with an arcade and they had Ms Pac Man
Making cookies with Sydney
CHA for me, I got to work it and have some of my layouts out on display
Visiting Bailey for his 12th bday and seeing him get the priesthood
Mom and Son bowling at school.