Thursday, November 20, 2008

10 Years Baby

Well it's been quite a long road and quite a long time.. 10 years ago today Jeremy and I got married.. and I am VERY proud to say we've made it to this point.. Of course all the wedding pics aren't digi, so I just had to take a pic of a pic, so it doesn't look that great.. but I can still remember the day like yesterday, being soo young and sooo excited to be a bride. The excitement of the reception and honeymoon, being so in LOVE and enthusiastic to start our new life together.. I always wondered when people said, I love my spouse more now, then on the wedding day.. I didn't even think that was possible, that I could love a person even more. But, it's soo true and soo real.. We have been through so much, ups and downs, highs and lows, down and outs, and we're still together, still happy, and still looking forward to many more wonderful years.. Even though we aren't together today, I'm glad and honored to say, we've been married 10 years...

Nov 20, 1998
10 years later (taken in Sept):
Anniversary Surprise:

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun Friday

Ok so I'm kinda just now posting the photos from Fun Friday, but better late then never.. Well I surprised the kids and took them to Chuck E Cheese for some super fun play time.. they are still talking about how much fun they had. But I had a great coupon and made it dirt cheap for tokens, and heck no, I did not eat there-- yuck... Well the kids kept busy the whole time, and just loved going from ride to ride, and collecting tickets.. Of course they didn't get enough to really get anything good, but hey it's all good. Sydney loved the Wall Clock ride and just about everything else. Austin was very into the games, the car racer, and he isn't too bad either, and he just loved the Virtual Fighter game where he wore the huge, yellow helmet.. It was fun to watch him. Of course I had to get down and dirty, steal a couple of the kids tokens, and play a few rounds of Skee-Ball.. How can you not? It's the best.. I guess I'm still a kid at heart, and love to score a few extra tickets too...

Skee-Ball: my personal fave
Photo opt with Chuck E:
Sydney: big time off roadin Austin's fave ride: the virtual game, he loved this thing Sydney's fave ride: the clock
Austin- cruising down the road in super speedy time:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cute Lil Buddy

Austin is such a funny little kid, and such a cutie... he really had his own personality and I love it.. He grabbed my camera and took a few photos of himself, and the top one, is one of em, turned out not too bad either.. He's been quite the little man around the house too.. Been very helpful and very helpful at keeping Sydney on task.. quite the older big brother, and really good at it too. Sometimes I'll overhear him say something I would totally say to the kids, and I'm like.. ohh do I sound like that?? but at least he is listening right?? On Friday he got a couple little bugs- some toy ones, and started putting them in places, and waiting for me to find them. Well at about midnight I went to get a glass of milk, pulled the carton from the fridge, not much light, and something feel on my hand.. I freaked!! and almost screamed and a blue jelly 3" bug fell out.. ACK!!! such a stinker.. they still are showing up here and there, so I put one on each of the kids sippies in the fridge.. I'll show them.. LOL.. but he also how those super adorable lil freckles that are too loveable.. such a cutie.

Austin's Self Portrait
Cuddles with Moosey

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Star of the Week

This week Sydney got picked to be the highlighted student Star of the Week... she was sooo excited, when she got picked and was jumping up and down.. She got to bring home a buddy for the weekend (aka Winnie the Pooh) and take it everywhere she went.. And Buddy did come everywhere too, to Fun Friday, watched movies, out to dinner, in the car, and slept with him each night. Sydney was soo ecstatic. She got to draw a picture of everything she did with Buddy to turn in and share with the class. She also gets her All About Me poster to highlight in the classroom, and be the line leader to the assembly. Talk about knowing how to make this girl's day.

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Hair For Me..

Ok these are for you J-dawg... I know you wanted me to post some pics, so here they are.. Just got my hair done on Saturday, one of my most fave girlie guilty pleasures.. My roots were growing like crazy and it had barely been seven weeks, but I guess, more hair, instead of no hair is a good thing.. Shelli rocks at hair and always loves that she wants to do fun and bold colors, she said most people come and all the want the same old thing like everyone else.. so she likes doing my hair, plus she did some fun waves in it, and I just love how it turned out...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thankful For.

I am sitting at the dining table, half eating breakfast with the kids, looking out the window just thinking.. about this month and all we have to do. Also thinking about Thanksgiving, which gets me to thinking about the many blessing that I have, and have the privilege to be blessed with in my life.. As I listen to Sydney's mumbling play talk about nothing, and Austin whistling in the other room as he walks around.. I also see that the sun is shining and the windows are open with fresh air.. and I realize I am soo grateful for what I have and the life that I have..
I am thankful to be a mom, to 2 beautiful kids who are amazing and teach me everyday
I am thankful to be a wife to a wonderful man, who is supportive and loves me more than I deserve
I am thankful to have a family and to be part of a family unit
I am thankful for our home, it is perfect for us and we have space to move around
I am thankful that the kids are happy, still have some innocence and are creative in their thinking
I am thankful for kids who love to go to school and learn, and still think it's fun
I am thankful for my kids who climbed into bed this morning and cuddled with me, I know one day they will be too old for this and cherish it while I can
I am thankful to live in a fairly safe place, that I can let me kids go outside, I can go for a walk and not stress
I am thankful we have nature near us, maybe not the beach, but beauty around us
I am thankful for the work that Jeremy has work right now, this year has had major ups and downs, and am glad for opportunities
I am thankful that I have a God who knows me and loves me, and thinks of me daily
I am thankful for a family eternal, that is mine, and I am part of it
I am thankful that in a couple months is our 10 year anniversary, that we have made it to this point and that we can say that

I know my life is not perfect, and doesn't have happy moments 24/7, and I know because I say that now, that something difficult may be around the corner. But I am glad to say it is my life, and I am truly a blessed woman.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Snow Much Fun...

Well we got our first "real" snow of the season. We had the mini random snow a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday was a pretty good storm that came in. The kids were sooo excited in the morning to have snow.. I have to say, I wasn't.. To me it means, shoveling the driveways, a lousy long commute into work, and freezing my booty off, and having to wear close toed shoes- I think I hate the last one the most. And yes, yesterday I pulled out my trusty close toed pair of Doc's from the back of the closet and wore them. But I was back in flip flops today:) The kids were mainly concerned about, will the snow still be on the ground when they get home from school, and sure enough it was.. So right after school, they broke in the new snow gear- jacket, mittens, hats and gloves, and oh yes the new boots.. Austin invited James over and they all had a blast.. They played a fighting thing, and Sydney just wanted to join in, so pretty much would come over and dog pile them. Also, I noticed the kids new fascination is eating snow.. I don't know why, but they think it tastes amazing... Afterwards we had some warm hot cocoa, with the new CocoaLatte machine we got, oh my gosh, it just ROCKS, and the cocoa is perfect and frothy.. yum... so, I guess winter is pretty much here..

Sydney & Austin, dressed in snow gear and good to go:
Sydney, snow girl:
Austin, the snow boy:

James, Austin, and Sydney- Dog Pile:
Austin and James wrestling in the snow:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tooth Fairy will Strike Again

Yup... this time it's Sydney's turn.. She lost her very first tooth.. It was been loose for weeks, and finally the last couple of days to the point of extreme loose-ness..Well tonight at dinner, she had one bite of food to eat and guess what.. she lost her tooth somewhere in her bite, and swallowed it.. she was bawling at first, totally freaked out, but once we assured her that the tooth fairy was coming she calmed down.. So we will be writing the tooth fairy a note explaining what happened....

Sydney's new space:
Our tooth fairy pillow I made:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Haunts

Both kids were sooo excited for Halloween and couldn't wait. We had their costumes all picked out and bought by the first of the month. Austin was extremely set on being a skeleton and choose his costume right away. The mask that came with it was way too scary, kinda creepy almost, and so we did make up just for the night time trick or treating. Sydney was sooo excited when she found her costume of a Renaissance princess, and the fun skirt flared out at the bottom.. Both of the kids were in their costumes most of the day, and then went out for trick or treating, they also enjoyed handing out candy, almost as much too... It was a great day, and by the time it was about 9:00, they were wiped out and ready for bed...

Sydney: Renaissance princess
Austin: Skelton Austin: having fun with the outside decor

Halloween Spooky Style

Well, both Jeremy and I love decorating up the house for Halloween, and this year was no different... We covered the front of the house in spider webs, made a grave yard in front of the house.. Had the fog machine going, black lights on the spider webs and HUGE spiders, and then the strobe light going on in the bedroom window... then added lights (purple and orange) that wrapped around the yard.. it was LOTS of fun getting ready for Halloween.. I think we scared a couple of the younger kids and lots of people told us how much they enjoyed the house.. and we loved dressing it up spooky too....

Halloween Scary House:
Night time Scary: