Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Egg Making

What would Easter be, without the typical dying the Easter eggs?? I remember doing it as a kid, and always looking forward to that tradition. The kids asked if we were doing it, unfortunately I still do NOT like, eat, or can even stand the smell of eggs, but Jeremy was happy to get them boiled and then eat most of them afterwards, the kids also ate some of them too, but not me.. So we got the egg dye going, did a few speckled dyed eggs, and the kids added some of the fun Star Wars stickers and things to the eggs to deck them out. Then the next morning, the Easter bunny hid them and the kids were super excited to find them all.

The kids are sooo into Stars Wars, we got a Star Wars Eggs kit, they loved it:

Jeremy was really excited about his eggs:

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Leah said...

Nice egg Jeremy!