Sunday, September 20, 2009

Austin's Baptism

I am sooo proud as a mother of Austin, and the big decision he has made to be baptized. He was soo excited and looking forward to it for months. He kept talking about it and all I could think was, have I taught you enough, did I do a good enough job, will you always desire to choose the right and live a life close to the gospel? Luckily he has had amazing teachers, primary leaders, wonderful grandparents and great aunties and uncles to help along the way. I know I forsure haven't done it all myself. Austin, you looked soo happy, so sweet, so full of the spirit. I am sooo proud of you, and love you sooo much. You have such a strong testimony of right and wrong, you choose the right, and I am proud.
The day was wonderful, the baptism was beautiful. It was so nice to have lots of family and friends come to share and support in your special day.
Austin with mom and dad
Our Family
Hatter Family
Austin & Auntie Katelin Sydney & Austin in their Sunday best

Austin, cousin Bailey, Sydney
Caitlin and Katelin

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Justin and Kim said...

congrats austin! always remember that warm fuzzy feeling you had on that special day!