Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well this Easter fell on Conference weekend, so that made it kind of nice. The only bummer is that we didn't get to dress up in our Easter new church wear. I'll have to get some pics next week. The kids actually got to see the Easter Bunny at the grocery store on Saturday, but Austin seems to be a bit too big to want to take a photo with the bunny. The eggs were dyed and colored, Jeremy did a great job with the kids. The next morning the Easter bunny came by, and left lots of fun Easter goodies for the kids.. even a small basket for mom and dad.. The Easter bunny knows we LOVE those Reece Peanut Butter eggs!!! yum... We spent the day, watching conference and just hanging out as a family. I was in charge of Easter dinner at our house. We had the Jessops, my dad, my lil sis and her roommate over for it. I always am a sucker for a good ham, and lots of fun side fixings. I also tried a new recipe, chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars, and YES they were amazing.. so it was a lovely Easter weekend..

Austin and Sydney with the Easter bunny:
Dyed Easter Eggs...
Look what the Easter bunny left:
Sydney and her basket
Austin with his basket, and very excited about the new Wimpy kid book
Easter Egg Hunt eggs Cool towels and new flip flops, from the Easter bunny New sun swimwear from the Easter Bunny

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Kristine said...

Yes, I am still thinking about that yummy dessert!