Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Project 12: January 2013

Well it's been forever since I updated this, things got crazy once the kids got in school last year and sports and just too much going on.
Project 365 was a bit overwhelming, and I kept to most of it for the year, but I DID take a photo of Chorley every single day, I did stick with that. I would be cool to somehow get them all together in one album one day to see how much she changed over the yet. It seemed like alot.

So this year I'm just doing Project 12, MUCH more manageable and more my style. It's where you just scrapbook the whole month into a 2 pager. Some months don't have a ton of photos, some have alot because we are pretty busy.

Here is January 2013:
Left side:
Right Side:
January highlights:
Katelin and Matt stayed with us for a few days over the Christmas break
We went out to pizza with an arcade and they had Ms Pac Man
Making cookies with Sydney
CHA for me, I got to work it and have some of my layouts out on display
Visiting Bailey for his 12th bday and seeing him get the priesthood
Mom and Son bowling at school.

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