Thursday, February 19, 2009

Montero De Oro

Not only do I love going to Montero De Oro, but it's a family favorite of everyone. Jeremy loves taking the kids out on the cliffs to explore all the exciting wildlife, mussels, anemones, and crabs, ect that seem to creep in and out of all the cliff crevices. The kids love to see what's new, just love the idea of being at the beach, and being able to run around and explore. There also was a mini pond with some water, where everyone took a turn at skipping rocks in, esp with all the rocks all over the beach. Jeremy was the master teacher of the art, Sydney liked to just throw them in, but Austin actually worked on skipping his rocks. Sydney also collected "pretty rocks" that she found, and found a few cool ones myself. It's just sooo relaxing and gorgeous to be there.

Austin & Sydney out on the cliffs exploring:
Jeremy, teacher of rock skipipng:
Sitting and relaxing on the beach: Lots of fun sealife waiting to be explored:Jeremy and Austin skipping rocks:


Alecia Castro said...

What wonderful pics and memories!!

Leah said...

You got some great pictures!