Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cali Trip

Well I guess I will just start out and do bit by bit of the trip, since we took a ton of photos while we were out in Cali, and only have one of the camera's photos actually uploaded to the computer.. So these will be from the fun times that we had on a mini vacation as we went up to San Luis Obispo, which is my MOST fave place in the world- laid back, relaxing, gorgeous scenery, and nice all around. We did go to the very small Atascadero Zoo.. which is also nice because it's on the smaller side, so you can see everything and not get too worn out. The kids had a blast, running around from animal to animal and see what's going on. I have to see the flamingos looked "really" cold there, almost shivering cold, but we were in flip flops and lovin every minute of the sunny, warm weather.


Alecia Castro said...

These are GREAT, looks like loads of family fun!!

Justin and Kim said...

atascadero must be growing if they actually have a zoo! fun stuff!

Leah said...

Sydney looks so pretty in the last picture!