Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Flowers

Well it's about that time of the year. March seems to be the month when all the flowers in the back and most of the front start popping up. Some of the lesser sun areas don't pop till later in April, but we had a burst of nice gorgeous weather and got some beautiful crocus bulbs that spurted up and are sooo pretty right now. These photos were take Friday by Jeremy, and the REALLY sad thing is that today we got snow and lots of cold weather, and not sure if they will be popping back up and staying. It's sooo sad. After the long winter, and all the waiting, this always seems to happen, a storm or frost come in and destroy the short lived flowers. These photos are pretty cool, and glad we at least got to enjoy them for a bit. There's a bit more snow in the forecast this week, but supposed to warm up after that. Let's just hope the warm stays, since I was enjoying my flip flops, tshirts, capris and walks with the kids.


Alecia Castro said...

They're so pretty!!! Hope they made it through the cold weather and snow!!

Leah said...