Sunday, November 1, 2009

Corn Bellys

One of my favorite places to go for fun Halloween festivities is Corn Bellys. The kids love it too and could probably stay there all day. They seemed to spend most of the time on the giant bounce pillows and were just having the best time jumping.. ahhh to be a kid again. I also love the corn maze, we decided to do just 1/2 and were able to find our way out in a decent time too. There is soo much to do there, the go carts, haunted house, and giant haunted monster, and play time too. I love the hay ride. We had never been to a place that does them till here and I just love how relaxing it is. Can't wait to go again next year. Is it Halloween again yet?

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Ensign ARCADIA said...

You guys find the most fun places to visit! Great pictures Wendi.