Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Time

This year for Halloween we had an eyeball monster and a cute lil witch. Sydney was kinda going back and forth with what to be, but when she found this fun witch hat with orange hair, and she knew she wanted to be a witch. We found this totally cool eyeball hat for Austin and decided to make his costume revolve around it and create an eyeball monster. This is my first official take on making a costume, broke out the sewing machine and all. Created this fun eyeball shirt, with a help of a link from my sister Kristine, and some great makeup. We created an eyeball monster. Both of them were so proud and excited to wear their costumes and could NOT wait to go trick of treating. We also of course, decked out with house with lots of Halloween fun decor. Jeremy had the fog machine going and wore a scary cape and mask to hand out candy, and even scared a couple of kids. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.

Cousins: A ninja, an eyeball monster, an army commander, a fireman, and a lil witch
Scary Outside Decor:


Kristine said...

Fun pics, you need one of that scary guy on the front porch!!

Justin and Kim said...

fun costumes! hopefully you guys got lots of candy!

Ensign ARCADIA said...

I can see the kids had a blast at Halloween. Austins costume was so original, especially that great eyeball hat. I know Sydneys witch's hat with the orange hair was so fun for her to wear. Loved all the pumpkins your family carved. Looks like you all had a great Halloween!