Saturday, February 13, 2010

Monster Truck Show

Well today we did something that we never had, and wasn't sure I was ever really going to do, or ready for. Austin had been asking about Monster Trucks for awhile now and wanted to know when he'd ever get a chance to go and see them. After a couple of months of talking about it, the commercials starting coming and then the tickets went for a discount.. and Jeremy and I said hey what the heck.. Yes the redneck in us both, came out.. I always kinda wondered what the shows would be like, but didn't think I'd ever go. When we got the the door the man offered us ear plugs, I thought it can't be that bad.. Well when we got in, we noticed YES we need those.. Austin loved Gravedigger and choose to cheer him on.. He LOVED every minute of it and just sat in awe watching. Sydney choose the fun, cute Monster Mutt truck.. she cheered for him and he won the big stand off. Sydney was not as into it, but was a trooper and had fun. The motorcycle tricks were seriously crazy and amazing.. I just sat there thinking, please don't crash and ruin your stunt. I don't think I could do a whole motorcycle show, that is crazy stuff.. But it was an experience and fun to do..

Gravedigger and Monster Mutt go head to head
The kids watch in awe:
Crazy Motorcycle Tricks
Gravedigger Goes Down


Kristine said...

How fun. Micah took B&J there a year or two ago and when he called me I couldn't hear a word he was saying! I don't know that I could take all that noise!

Caroline said...

Sounds like something right up Tyler's alley! I bet Austine had fun!!

Justin and Kim said...

brody loved the show!! they didn't have the dog truck that night, but they had this cool donkey kong truck that justin got a picture of.