Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cute Conversation with an 8 Yr Old

Wow.. so I've kinda sorta neglected this blog a little bit.. ok aLOT bit.. The holidays came, and got crazy and I just couldn't quite find the time to add to this blog.. so I'm going to try and work on that and see if I can get something posted at least once a week. It seems like January and February I kinda take my own personal hiatus from taking a ton of photos and so I don't post much.. But I need to work on that and get back to letting ya know what's going on..

Yesterday I had the cutest conversation with Austin and it still puts a giggle on my face just thinking about it. He is 8 and reading his chapter book for homework, I was sitting by him and he looked over and asked "What's a king size mattress?"
I said "Well kinda like the size of a bed that me and dad have."(We do have a Cal King, but I didn't think I needed to get into all that)
Austin asks "So is there a queen mattress?"
I said "Yes its the size of the best in the guest bedroom downstairs. It's a bit bigger than your bed."
Austin asks "So that means I have a prince size?"
LOL... I couldn't help but chuckle.. because, well, I guess it would make sense.
So I explained "Well actually it's just called a full size mattress and that is the size you and Sydney both have."
Austin "Oh, ok."

How cute is that?


Caroline said...

Very cute!

Kristine said...

So I guess technically you have a king, queen, prince, and princess bed in the house!