Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day: 179-184

Day 179: Disneyland
Went to Disneyland, since Jeremy had the day off of work. We checked out the new Cars area, but didn't go on any of the rides, the waits were waaaay too long for us. We did some favorite rides and had a great time. That's the wonderful thing about having passes, we don't feel like we need to stay till midnight, and we can still get lots done.
Day 179: Chorley
Age: 201 days old

Day 180: Sydney Feeding Chorley
Sydney likes to be a big helper, and she is great at feeding Chorley. She keeps her clean and feeds her pretty quickly. Austin on the other hand, tends to make quite the mess. Sydney has really enjoyed being the big girl sister to Chorley.
Day 180: Chorley
Age: 202 days old

Day 181: Dodger Game
Friday night was Mormon night at Dodger Stadium and we thought it would be a great family activity. Austin was super excited, and asked non stop when the game was and couldn't wait for it. We went with grandma and grandpa Hatter and Katelin, and we got a whole row to ourselves. We did the usual, Dodger dogs, Carnation ice cream, peanuts and other yummies. The Dodgers lost pretty bad, and didn't do well in the game at all. We all enjoyed the fireworks after the game too.
After we got home, this is what we found in the back of the car:
Day 181: Chorley (Asleep at the game)
Age: 203 days old

Day 182: Fox Figurines
One of the traditions that Jeremy does when he has his Fox meetings is to get the surprise in the box figurines. The kids look forward to it, and we never know what we are going to get. This is what came in the boxes this time. (funny we have both of these)

Day 182: Chorley
Age: 204 days old

Day 183: Boxes...
It's beginning to look a lot like BOXES, everywhere you go!!! That's the story at our house.. boxes, and boxes, and boxes, everything is getting packed up, and everything we own is getting close to only being in boxes....
Day 183: Chorley
Age: 205 days old

Day 184: Chorley in the Walker
Chorley is really starting to enjoy her walker time. She loves getting the music and sounds going. And eating her catapiller. This has become one of her favorite toys lately.
Day 184: Chorley
Age: 206 days old


Caroline said...

I love that pic of Syd and Chorley asleep with Syd's arm on her, so sweet!

Ellen said...

I just got updated on your blog and wow you have added quite a bit since I last viewed it! You are doing such a great job with wonderful pictures of your family and all their activities. Chorley is growing up so fast and what a cutie she is! Austin and Syd are GREAT kids and making GREAT accomplishments!

Ellen said...
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