Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sydney's Dance Recital

Tonight was Sydney's big Christmas dance recital.. She has been waiting for this all season long and was really looking forward to it also. She did one Tap number- and was soooo cute how they added on the red felt shoes to go along with the song.. was soo adorable, and they were also the opening number. Then they were the closing number, with their ballet number for the Sugar Plum Fairies Song.. This turned out sooo sweet. I just LOVED their dance outfits this year, I can't believe how grown up Sydney looks out there. I was one proud mom watching the recital.. Then at the end of the night, they had a "special visitor" come. Yup, Santa arrived, and so they each got a special piece of Santa chocolate candy, and afterwards all the other kids were allowed to come up, so Austin got really excited to go up, see Santa, and get a candy cane. Sydney performed great, and loved watching her. Kristine and Kimberly, my sisters, we also there to cheer her on too, which of course, she loved.


Alecia said...

Awwww, what totally cute pics Wendi!! So glad you shared them!!

Cara said...

Both your kids are looking SO grownup!! Where does she take dance?

Weight Family said...

Wow Sydney and Austin are so grown up! Beautiful family! Happy New Year!