Monday, December 1, 2008

Sunday Brunch

So, something that we have never done is go to Sunday brunch. And since we were staying at the Little America, and they are really known for their brunch we thought they would try it out. and oh my gosh, there was sooo much food and really good food too. We stayed for about 2 hours... just talking and eating and hanging out together which was really nice. And since we went kinda later in the afternoon, we had both breakfast- crepes and waffles and bacon, and then lunch, and then also lots of fresh seafood too... so we hung out a bit, so that we could make some room for dessert and soo glad that we did. They had this chocolate thing- not sure if it was pie/ cake/ or cheesecake, but it was amazing.. we couldn't even finish a piece. I was soo full I didn't eat much for a couple of days. One day we'll have to go back forsure.

Me and Jeremy 10 years married:
Brunch Display:

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Alecia said...

WOW, looks FABULOUS!! You too are the CUTEST things!! So glad you had a FAB Anniversary!!