Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Breakfast

This morning, we had our church Christmas breakfast.. The kids were really excited to go- yummy pancakes (with strawberries) hash browns, potatoes and breakfast meats, and eggs- which of course, I had to pass on... and also they had a children's musical program. Most of the kids played an instrument, and Austin signed up to be in it. I told him he doesn't know how to play an instrument though. He said he could learn... in 10 days.. but he insisted on being in it, so we settled on singing a song. And Sydney mentioned that she wanted to sing too. So they decided to sign Dashing Through the Snow/ Jingle Bells and got up in front of everyone and performed.. I was soo proud of them.


Cara said...

They did great!

steveandlaura said...

I'm glad someone liked the strawberries (Steve's idea) because hardly anyone ate them! Your kids are adorable. I love Austin's enthusiasm.