Thursday, May 7, 2009

Star Wars Party

Ok so when I was thinking Star Wars party, I was probably thinking I would be throwing one for Austin.. but nope, Sydney went through the selection of princess, butterfly and pink-ness and choose Star Wars.. Her and Austin play the Wii game and LOVE it, watch Clone Wars and the movies.. so I said ok. Luckily the Internet rocks and had tons of ideas for what to do for a Star Wars party.. we had lots of theme games, Dark Maul drinks, and lots of light saber talk. Sydney was sooo happy and had a blast, with about 11 friends that came over to celebrate.. We even had a Star Wars tattoo session, yes the fake kind, though Austin and Sydney's are not totally gone.. But it was fun indeed...

Birthday Princess
Coloring the Galaxy
Pin the light saber on the Jedi (Jeremy drew the FAB Jedi) Star Wars bean bag toss- I made them out of this Darth Vader material and let each of the kids take one home, they also got a Star Wars magnet in their goodie bag Pop the Balloon- lots of un for the kids


Alecia Castro said...

WOW, that does look like a fun party!! So glad it went well!!

Leah said...

You're SO creative!