Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sydney Turns Six..

Well, she is growing up, an growing up fast. Sydney turned 6 this last week and I have to brag, she is quite the cutie too... She was very excited about her upcoming birthday and was on major countdown, asking how many days for a couple of months.
Sydney's Faves-
Star Wars and Mario Kart Wii games, riding her bike, playing My Littlest Pet Shop, Dressing Up, wearing pink and doing her hair "cute", loves pizza and mcnuggets, also a chocolate lover.
She loved to read and does very well with it, enjoys books and being read to, loves movies, and really enjoyed Coraline.
She is my pride and joy, I love her sooo much, she is my cuddles.

Sydney, 6 ( and that cute flower clip is from Auntie Kristine- who is very talented)
Me and my baby
Sydney's fun present from grandma and grandpa Hatter (thanks for the shirts too) What every Star Wars princess needs, a purple light saber
Cake from the family BBQ on Saturday


Alecia Castro said...

Super fun pics, and SYd is SUCH a cutie!!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday Sydney! Looks like a fun day!