Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day, Camping, The Ranch and MUD

Well for the holiday weekend we thought we would do some camping up at the ranch, it's Jeremy's family's property up in the canyon. We knew there was supposed to be a bit of rain in the forecast, just not sure how much. So we got up there and got all unpacked and settled, it was gorgeous, soooo green and just beautiful. The kids went off to play in the meadow and had a blast running around, plus were fascinated by the dog by us, that some other campers brought with them. Jeremy got the fire going and some tin foil dinners- which were really yummy.. Roasted some yummy marshmallows and of course, some smores- what else would camping be? Started to turn in for the night, and it began to rain... and that's exactly what it did ALL night long, nonstop.... We got up the next morning and it was still raining, there was lots of fog in the canyons and was gorgeous, something that I really miss seeing from Cali.... Well we made some delicious breakfast, still rain, so we decided we better head back, even though we were going to stay longer.. but OH MY GOSH, what a drive that was. It usually takes about 35 minutes or so to get back up to the canyon highway turn off, but it took us a good 2 hours!!! The dirt path was totally mud, and since the rain was non- stop the mud went the WHOLE way... We got stuck almost instantly, even with 4 wheel drive, and low gears, the car ended up in a ditch and perpendicular to the road... it was scary!!! esp when my side was the side about to slam into the cliff wall... Me and the kids decided to get out and follow Jeremy for a couple of miles, and our shoes were basically covered in about 4-6 inches of mud.. Jeremy had to ride the ditches, there was no control, no traction, the roads were VERY curvy, up and downhill and very intense. I was more than freaked out!!! But we made it, and were totally tense the whole time, Sydney actually fell asleep, Austin just stared wide eyed and watched everything... Finally home safe and sound and sooo thankful nothing bad really happened... I know I should have taken some pics of our car drowning in the mud, but for the first time ever, I did not think to grab a camera!!!


Micah and Kristine said...

That second pic is so pretty, and I can totally picture Austin all wide eyed.

Leah said...

Its beautiful! I like the cowboy hat Jeremy!