Friday, March 5, 2010

Kolob Canyon

Since we were already down in St George, we wanted something to at least do or see while we were there. So we went to Kolob Canyons, somewhere we had never been before and took the drive around the canyons to check it out. The sun was out shining and totally gorgeous, and really gave for some nice pictures, against all the red rocks and blue skies, and white snow. It just seemed to make all the photos really pop and the mountains jump out at ya. It's a pretty short drive around the canyons, which was perfect since we didn't have much time. At the top lookout point, there was quite a bit of snow. Craig and Eric came on the drive behind us. Of course it didn't take long before there was a snowball fight going on. Yup, esp Austin he jumped in on it with the big boys and was having a blast.

Sydney shivering: Austin, caught in the snow, it was pretty deep
Eric, Jeremy and Craig in a snowball fight


Kristine said...

Dang, that's some deep 'ol snow!

Justin and Kim said...

i hope you guys have comfort, even while feeling sad. and i'm just wonderng if their pants were all wet after playing in that snow?!