Friday, March 5, 2010

Austin's Basketball Season

This year basketball was alot harder for Austin, since they had the 3rd and 4th graders play together for the teams. The games were a lot quicker, a bit more interesting, and even some rough playing. I quite enjoyed it. So Austin was one of the younger kids in the league, luckily he had a good neighbor friend on his team too. Austin is great at defence and blocking his man, his height always seems to be on his side. He also learned that the kids are alot more aggressive the older they get and so it wasn't as easy this year.. It was lots of fun to watch him at the games.

Austin and his medal:
This was the perfect shot Austin was taking and the ref jumped right in front as the camera went off:
Taking some shots:
Practicing before the game: Nice shot buddy:


Kristine said...

Nice shot Austin! Kinda sad that the boys are starting to get rough...

Justin and Kim said...

rough players? if only he had a mom who knows how to be super aggresive in a game.... oh wait, perfect person to learn from, time to share the wisdom! I have nothing to offer nothing my boys in that whole department!