Friday, March 5, 2010

Sydney's Basketball Season

This year I asked Sydney if she wanted to play basketball, and she was really excited to play this season. Last season, in the first game, the ball hit right on her face and she was shy for the rest of the season. This year was a whole new Sydney playing out on the court. She got the idea of the game, defense, dribbling down the court to make shots, and also taking the ball away from the other team. Each game she averaged between 2-4 baskets per game. She was really fierce on the court and has that competitive edge that makes her fast. Also doesn't hurt, that she is quite a bit taller than alot of the other kids.. She was sooo much fun to watch.
Sydney and her medal:
Taking a shot in the game:
Check out this dribbler:
Practicing her shot:
This is actually Sydney's shot, she is on the right side of the photo and has the yellow wristband.. and YUP she made the shot:

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Kristine said...

Way to go Syd, I'll make sure I don't cross her on the court!