Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 103: Cousin Swap

Since the kids are getting a bit older, we decided to do a cousin swap since it was Spring Break week and had some time off. We got the older boys, Austin, Bailey and Jordan, plus lil Ms Chorley. And then the Jessops has Sydney go with Ryder and Lincoln up to their house for a couple of days. The kids LOVED it. I took the boys up to Jeremy's work and we went out to a favorite Chinese place, called Frontier Wok for lunch, and they got to check out where the Simpsons are made. They played outside quite a bit and we went to In N Out Burgers for dinner, which they thought was extra cool. All the boys slept in one room, so I'm not all sure how much slept they actually got...

Day 103: Chorley
Age: 125 days old

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Ellen said...

Great idea. Good for building memories with cousins.