Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 89: Who Knew???

This week I have been working on getting all our tax information gathered for out tax appointments, and I came across something that I pretty much have been carrying around in my purse for months.. Like since we've moved from Utah. It was my doctor's records that I needed to give to my new Ob Gyn Dr when we moved here. I gave them the CD and they just burned the info into their systems and gave me back the CD. A couple of times I thought of looking at it, but never did. Well I put it in today and noticed that the gender was given on the CD of Chorley, but then said **patient does NOT want to know**. So all this time, we had access to the gender of Chorley. But I really like that we didn't find out and waited till she was born.

Day 89: Chorley
Age: 111 days old

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