Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 106: Freeway Time

Well today the kids and us got to do something that we will probably NEVER do again. Walk around on a VERY busy 405 Los Angeles freeway. On the drive home there was an accident, sadly it was just less than a mile ahead of us and must of just happened. We were parked for over 30 minutes, maybe even 45 minutes on the freeway, which means several people probably got hurt and that is not fun. Lots of other people were getting out of their cars, walking around, taking pictures, and some people even got our chairs and had a drink. The kids thought it was pretty neat to get out, so we had to get a picture of it.

Day 106: Chorley
Age: 128 days old

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Ellen said...

Now that's an unusual experience on the 405. Sorry about the accident though.