Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cute Lil Buddy

Austin is such a funny little kid, and such a cutie... he really had his own personality and I love it.. He grabbed my camera and took a few photos of himself, and the top one, is one of em, turned out not too bad either.. He's been quite the little man around the house too.. Been very helpful and very helpful at keeping Sydney on task.. quite the older big brother, and really good at it too. Sometimes I'll overhear him say something I would totally say to the kids, and I'm like.. ohh do I sound like that?? but at least he is listening right?? On Friday he got a couple little bugs- some toy ones, and started putting them in places, and waiting for me to find them. Well at about midnight I went to get a glass of milk, pulled the carton from the fridge, not much light, and something feel on my hand.. I freaked!! and almost screamed and a blue jelly 3" bug fell out.. ACK!!! such a stinker.. they still are showing up here and there, so I put one on each of the kids sippies in the fridge.. I'll show them.. LOL.. but he also how those super adorable lil freckles that are too loveable.. such a cutie.

Austin's Self Portrait
Cuddles with Moosey

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Leah said...

Love the self portrait!