Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thankful For.

I am sitting at the dining table, half eating breakfast with the kids, looking out the window just thinking.. about this month and all we have to do. Also thinking about Thanksgiving, which gets me to thinking about the many blessing that I have, and have the privilege to be blessed with in my life.. As I listen to Sydney's mumbling play talk about nothing, and Austin whistling in the other room as he walks around.. I also see that the sun is shining and the windows are open with fresh air.. and I realize I am soo grateful for what I have and the life that I have..
I am thankful to be a mom, to 2 beautiful kids who are amazing and teach me everyday
I am thankful to be a wife to a wonderful man, who is supportive and loves me more than I deserve
I am thankful to have a family and to be part of a family unit
I am thankful for our home, it is perfect for us and we have space to move around
I am thankful that the kids are happy, still have some innocence and are creative in their thinking
I am thankful for kids who love to go to school and learn, and still think it's fun
I am thankful for my kids who climbed into bed this morning and cuddled with me, I know one day they will be too old for this and cherish it while I can
I am thankful to live in a fairly safe place, that I can let me kids go outside, I can go for a walk and not stress
I am thankful we have nature near us, maybe not the beach, but beauty around us
I am thankful for the work that Jeremy has work right now, this year has had major ups and downs, and am glad for opportunities
I am thankful that I have a God who knows me and loves me, and thinks of me daily
I am thankful for a family eternal, that is mine, and I am part of it
I am thankful that in a couple months is our 10 year anniversary, that we have made it to this point and that we can say that

I know my life is not perfect, and doesn't have happy moments 24/7, and I know because I say that now, that something difficult may be around the corner. But I am glad to say it is my life, and I am truly a blessed woman.

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