Thursday, November 6, 2008

Snow Much Fun...

Well we got our first "real" snow of the season. We had the mini random snow a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday was a pretty good storm that came in. The kids were sooo excited in the morning to have snow.. I have to say, I wasn't.. To me it means, shoveling the driveways, a lousy long commute into work, and freezing my booty off, and having to wear close toed shoes- I think I hate the last one the most. And yes, yesterday I pulled out my trusty close toed pair of Doc's from the back of the closet and wore them. But I was back in flip flops today:) The kids were mainly concerned about, will the snow still be on the ground when they get home from school, and sure enough it was.. So right after school, they broke in the new snow gear- jacket, mittens, hats and gloves, and oh yes the new boots.. Austin invited James over and they all had a blast.. They played a fighting thing, and Sydney just wanted to join in, so pretty much would come over and dog pile them. Also, I noticed the kids new fascination is eating snow.. I don't know why, but they think it tastes amazing... Afterwards we had some warm hot cocoa, with the new CocoaLatte machine we got, oh my gosh, it just ROCKS, and the cocoa is perfect and frothy.. yum... so, I guess winter is pretty much here..

Sydney & Austin, dressed in snow gear and good to go:
Sydney, snow girl:
Austin, the snow boy:

James, Austin, and Sydney- Dog Pile:
Austin and James wrestling in the snow:


Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

What fun pictures! I can't believe you have snow already - all we have is rain! :(

Justin and Kim said...

That's so crazy, yesterday at the park we left early cause we were getting too hot! I'd love winter to come, but we're actually still waiting for fall! Fun day!

Peck Family said...

Totally in agreement on
1-closed toe shoes SUCK!!! I hate wearing socks and shoes! Flip-flops make you feel free or something!
2-the Chocolatte machine is the BEST!! We got one for Christmas last year and it is great.

Leah said...

Looks like fun! My kids couldn't wait to play in it either!