Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun Friday

Ok so I'm kinda just now posting the photos from Fun Friday, but better late then never.. Well I surprised the kids and took them to Chuck E Cheese for some super fun play time.. they are still talking about how much fun they had. But I had a great coupon and made it dirt cheap for tokens, and heck no, I did not eat there-- yuck... Well the kids kept busy the whole time, and just loved going from ride to ride, and collecting tickets.. Of course they didn't get enough to really get anything good, but hey it's all good. Sydney loved the Wall Clock ride and just about everything else. Austin was very into the games, the car racer, and he isn't too bad either, and he just loved the Virtual Fighter game where he wore the huge, yellow helmet.. It was fun to watch him. Of course I had to get down and dirty, steal a couple of the kids tokens, and play a few rounds of Skee-Ball.. How can you not? It's the best.. I guess I'm still a kid at heart, and love to score a few extra tickets too...

Skee-Ball: my personal fave
Photo opt with Chuck E:
Sydney: big time off roadin Austin's fave ride: the virtual game, he loved this thing Sydney's fave ride: the clock
Austin- cruising down the road in super speedy time:


Peck Family said...

Can you believe that I have NEVER been to Chuck E Cheese before. I know --my poor deprived kids.

Leah said...

Its such a fun place. Austin and Sydney look SO happy!