Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 14-17: Thankful

Day 17 I am:
thankful for good friends to hang out with and have girl time with
thankful I had time to get everything done today
thankful to watch my kids smile, giggle and have pure excitement

Day 16 I am:
thankful for our car that gets to everywhere I need to be
thankful for my calling a Bear Asst leader, I really enjoy being in scouts
thankful for Amish bread in the morning, it tastes sooo yummy

Day 15 I am:
thankful that Austin could come walking with my at the track and have some good talks
thankful for a night to just hang out with my husband and vege out
thankful for the heater in our house that works

Day 14 I am:
thankful for the small yummy things like peanut butter m & m's
thankful to have the opportunity to be a mom
thankful for wonderful smell of Amish bread cooking in the oven

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