Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well this Halloween came up pretty quick this year. Both kids figured out what they wanted to be early on, so that made life easy. I just had to buy the fabric and my sister, Kristine did all the costume sewing and the costumes turned out amazing!!!!! Both kids looked great and loved their costumes. Austin went as Dr Robinson and added the touch of the stereoscope and the official look of the glasses himself. Sydney went as Dorothy, in ruby red slippers and a basket with Toto and all.. I took the kids for the first part of the night trick of treating in the RAIN and very cold, which was not too fun, but they had a blast. Esp when Micah found a church building with trunk or treat, and raided it with the kids, they got loooooaded up!!! Jeremy handed out candy, full dressed with his creepy mask. We decked out the house pretty good, but had a minor over usage of one of the electrical outlets!! opppps.. But the house looked good. Then when it was Jeremy's turn to go with the kids, it stopped raining and they did a couple more blocks.. So all in all.. another WONDERFUL Halloween!!!!

Sydney as Dorthy, red slippers and all:
Austin as Dr Robinson:
Dr Jessop and Dr Robinson
All the cousins getting ready to head out in the RAIN to trick or treat;

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Caroline said...

Super cute costumes!!