Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 25-28: Thankful

Day 28 I am:
Thankful for the beautiful snow outside
Thankful for Jeremy's yummy paella for dinner tonight
Thankful for being able to sub in Austin's Primary class today

Day 27 I am:
Thankful for being able to sleep in and wake up to a yummy breakfast
Thankful for being able to communicate with my husband
Thankful for having our nephews come over to spend the night

Day 26 I am:
Thankful for the photo shoot I got to do with Sydney
Thankful for a lazy day, with no where to be, and not much to do
Thankful I got to be scrappy and crafty today

Day 25 I am:
Thankful that our first ever turkey turned out well, and we had LOTS of delicious food
Thankful that we could spend the day with family
Thankful for Jeremy, for the amazing husband he is, and Austin for the handsome cute kid he is, and Sydney my sweet lil girl with lots of sass.

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