Friday, October 17, 2008

10/10 Fun Friday

Last Friday for Fun Friday, we went to the Dinosaur Museum with grandpa too.. We had a great time, practically no one was there, so it was very relaxing. Almost too relaxing, since my dad and I almost fell asleep while the kids were playing.. The kids loved seeing all the dinos, and esp playing in the water/sand area. Austin's fave place is to go digging for dinos to see what he can find. It was sooo cold outside, and just horrible yucky weather. But we were inside, and having lots of fun. We even picked up some Panda on the way home.. fresh orange chicken, YUM...

Sydney playing:
Austin: his fave part of the museum, digging for dinos
the kids playing together, building a dam:

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Leah said...

My kids LOVE that place!