Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sydney's Soccer Season

Well, this week was the end of the soccer season, so the means the end of coaching... sad, but true. no more practices or games, and trying to get homework done, somewhere in the mix, and oh yeah, make dinner too...
Well this was Sydney's first year of soccer. The very first game she got pushed, and then the ball hit her in the face, and then she wanted to hold me hand while she played soccer durning the game. Well luckily, she turned around half way through the game, otherwise it was going to be a LONG season.. she even scored her first and only goal, the very first game.. She was soo excited. The rest of the season, went great, and I thought she really did such a fabulous job, and wasn't afraid to get in there, and did really well.. sooo proud of her, and so proud to be her coach, she had the cutest little team and really great kids on it...

Sydney, happy that she won the game (ya think???)
Soccer Coach Mom:
Syd and her medal:

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Leah said...

I love that first picture of Sydney! She's such a cutie!