Sunday, October 12, 2008

Corn Belly's

A week ago Friday we went to Corn Belly's for our family Fun Friday.. Luckily the weather was great, we got a couple of sprinkles but it was all good... the kids were surprised since I didn't tell them where we were going and they had a blast!!! Austin was in LOVE with the go carts, and Sydney really loved doing them too.. The place was actually not very crowded at all, which I loved and was grateful for, so the kids got to do alot more and spend more time on the activities. We did the cow train ride, which Austin still loves, jumped on the huge pillow bouncer, and played on the play area. We did the maze, and actually got through it in a good amount of time- those clues really helped.. (thank goodness) and then we did an afternoon hay ride and an evening hay ride also. When we did the evening one, we were the only ones on the ride, so halfway through the driver pulled over and picked us each a small pumpkin, and the kids loved that.. We had a great time and I got lots of photos...

Sydney with the Pumpkin Princess:
Lost in the Corn Maze: Jumping on the big pillow: Go Speed Racers, go carts:

Austin's fave part- the go carts:
Play time, all aboard the train:

Night time Hay Ride:


alise said...

Super cute pictures! At least it cools off in Utah, and you can tell it's "Fall." Here it's still summerish, with a few trees having changed colors. I love an endless summer. No, not really. I wish it would cool off more. I want to wear sweaters, and jeans, and have a fire in our fireplace! So when ya comin' down again? Maybe we can make out way up there before the year's over. We could use a change in weather.

Leah said...

Looks like you had a blast!